Wednesday, December 1, 2010's what parenting is all about...

So, Dubya got a bow and arrow for his birthday...

Then they tied me up and stuck an apple on my head.

Won't it be funny to shoot an apple on mom's head???!! *giggle* *snort* *guffaw*

The crowd gathered near...certain to be witness to some wicked carnage...

I begged and pleaded to be let be set free...

I even tried using my charming sweetness, for all it was worth...

I closed my eyes, certain I was facing a painful and unfortunate death...

My boy pulled back that arrow...aimed at my head...heaved a big sigh and said, "I can't do it, mom!!", dropping his bow to his side and skipping away to play with his Nerf Gun.

Which he has no problem, whatsoever, shooting me (rapid-fire style) with.

No problem at all.


  1. LOL this was too funny. Glad he set you free :)

  2. Hahaha well it's a good thing it wasn't dramatic for you! ;)

  3. Good grief - please don't let yourself get tied to a train track, Woman! I can't be sure my kids would be so kind... so we don't even delve into the weapon-territory. Their elbows and knees and noggins are bad enough! I think you're a brave, brave mommy! Hahahaha - great pictures! (And just when I think *I* am part of a traveling circus... at least we don't have this act under our tent! Hahaha!)

  4. What a guy! Now that is raising quality children! Boys need to love their mommies!


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