Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Off Season ATM

You know how exciting it is, when you go to try on that old winter coat or those fabulous summer shorts and you reach into the pocket and feel a little "sumpin sumpin"?

A paperish kind of wad?

You know...the unmistakable feeling of forgotten money?!

It's like winning the lottery!!

Only...a real small lottery. Like...a couple of bucks lottery. But, STILL! The excitement, the adrenaline surge, the giddiness from finding a couple of bucks?! (What? You mean...you don't get that excited over a couple of dollar bills? Oh...well then...nevermind you.)

It makes my day!

And tonight...my Belle...she got to experience it for the first time!

We were sorting fall/winter/outgrown summer/will still work for summer clothes when I felt something hard in the pocket of her capris. I reached in the pocket...and felt the unmistakable feeling of cold hard cash!

And a wad of it too! I was thinking it must be all ones, but imagine my surprise when I pulled out a wad of cash with a ten on top of it!!

What on earth she was intending to buy the last time she wore those capris is beyond me...and, for the record, is was 14 bucks...but STILL!

14 bucks of cold hard cash to an 8 year old is like striking gold.

Heck! I'd feel like I struck gold if I found 14 bucks in my pocket...and I'm 33!

Lucky girl.

I'm off to search the pockets of my spring jackets now...I'll let you know what I find.

And, I just had to throw this in for good measure:


There...I feel complete now.


  1. I would be jumping for joy with 14 dollars in my pocket that I didn't know was there! I don't know anybody that wouldn't be. Good luck on your search for money in your pockets!!!

  2. I LURVE when stuff like this happens to me!

  3. I would be STOKED to find $14!!! I was doing laundry the other day and found a $5! I was soo happy. lol

  4. uhm, i'd be jumping up and down and posting all over twitter if i found 14 bucks, bahahaha...

    YAY for Belle(which is my teddy bears middle name, btw, haha)! :)

  5. That is one of my favorite things about the change of seasons. Nothing better than finding the monies in your pocket. Wheeeee!

  6. I think I'm going to go and check all my summer clothes today! Maybe I'll hit the jackpot!!

  7. I would be ECSTATIC over a $14 find! :) Love it when that kind of stuff happens. Just makes your day! :)

  8. 14 dollars... that would be a dream for me!! I love when that happens but somehow it still gets spent on the kids (when it comes from my pocket).

  9. i love finding forgotten money!!
    happened to me yesterday, i found a $10 in a purse i hadn't used in a while! i was excited :)


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