Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mother's of Multiples...

YOU are amazing.

If ever I thought I was an adequate mom, I was put right in my place when taking care of a friend's twin boys. Honestly...HOW do you do it?

Granted...their daddy forgot bottles for them, and we've long outgrown bottles and thrown away our BPA laden Avent bottles of old, but still. Wow.

I would settle one of the adorable little guys and the other would start up. I had nothing to offer them but applesauce. Real. Adult. Applesauce. Good thing they've already had some solids!

Honestly, I was about ready to whip out a boob...since that was always my own go to tactic with my kiddos! Okay...I really wouldn't have let them nurse. I mean, if I had milk, then yes. I think I would have (I was THAT desperate!!), but since the milk factory's been shut down for a while, it was a no go!

You should have seen those little guys when their mama did arrive! The nuzzled in and nursed like they hadn't seen her in hours.

Which...okay...they hadn't.

Mother's of are my new heros. You have my undying respect, admiration, awe, gratitude, love forever and ever and ever. Amen.



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  1. Aww. You got to nuzzle with two babies? Lucky you. I have been having babyitis and have no friends with little babes anymore. I should start babysitting. lol!

  2. I've always said that mom's of multiples are heroes. I feel overwhelmed with one baby. Two? I might just call the insane asylum.

  3. Wow... I'm walking a little taller after reading this! Thank you!

  4. And by the way... how are you? The trio turned ONE yesterday! ONE!!! Where has the time gone? And it was tempertantrum city this morning when they realized their bottles were gone forever!

  5. why do daddies do that? Think that they can drop babies off for hours without bottles, blankies, diaper bags, without telling you the last time they ate, who has diaper rash, who likes to be held a certain way?

    And then mom comes to pick up her kids and just sighs because she knows her husband. And apologizes to the temporary babysitter profusely.

    This scenario happens in my home more often than not!

  6. My best friend babysat my baby for us while we went to a therapy appointment and I thought baby would sleep the whole time. No. Thankfully she was also nursing and whipped out the boob :)

  7. Awww, thank you for acknowledging all us M.O.M.'s!! I am so glad that someone sees how much work and patience it takes having 2 (or more)at the same age. But we also have that much more love!!!

    Now, just a warning.....that was nothing, wait until they turn 2!!!! :)


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