Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Mania...Letter to my Firstborn...

It's the last day of the Mother's Day Mania! Stay tuned...I'll try to post the prizes tonight or tomorrow...and...psssttt...I have more than 5! :D Oh...and 5QF is still open, if you'd like to join in THAT fun!!

Today's theme is: A letter to your firstborn.


To my dearest firstborn, "The Pal":

I can not believe...that this is my 14th Mother's Day. 14 blissful, always peaceful and happy and harmonious years of being a mother.

You can stop snickering now. Right now. I mean it. *I'm giving you the mom look right now* Stop laughing.

Okay, so "always blissful" might not be accurate...but, Pal...I've gotta say...I love you. I love you more than you will ever know (until you have your own kids--then you might get it!).

Your arrival into my life was the best...and I mean absolute best thing that could have happened to me...but, I don't wanna talk about me...let's talk about YOU.

I love that you are such a cool kid. I love that you get along with everyone from a teeny newborn baby to your 80 year old grandpa.

And...about your 80 year old grandpa. I'm not sure I've ever said it...but, I think it is the coolest thing in the whole world that you have such an amazing relationship with him. That you want to go golfing with him and that you enjoy hanging out with him.

It warms my heart.

YOU warm my heart.

I am totally amazed...everyday...that you are becoming an adult right before my very eyes. I am so impressed that you are so, if we could just work on the attitude and lippyness...we'd be set! ;)

But, can't be perfect, right?!

I am so incredibly, unbelievably, undeniably blessed to be able to call you mine...I hope and pray that we can do right by you. That we can make you proud.

I hope that we have taught you how to be a kind and respectful young man. That we have given you the skills you need to succeed in life. That we have set a positive example for you in how to treat people, love people, help people.

I love you so much, Pal...I know I'm "embarrassing" sometimes...but please know that I never try to be.

I love you with all my heart and all my soul...thank you for being my firstborn. For being my "guinea pig"...for forgiving me when I make mistakes.

I always, always hope that you know you can come to me for to me about anything...ask me about anything. I am always here for you.

And I will be forever.

All my love,
Your mama


  1. What a lovely letter! You have a lucky 1st born. I was guinea pig, too. It isn't always easy.

  2. Beautiful letter!! I can feel the love for your kids in the way you write your blog everyday not just this day! You are a fabulous mother and I hope that you have a truly blessed Mother's Day!

  3. That is a beautiful letter. Happy Mother's Day.

  4. What a great letter! I had tears reading it... Now I want to go redo my moms day post to my kids.. lol (but I wont)

  5. Love your letter...Happy Mother's Day. I just found your blog & am excited to get to "know" you! Stop by to visit sometime!

  6. Beautiful! I can't believe my son will be that grown up some day!! Happy Mother's Day!

  7. I haven't read it yet, but I'm fixing to go out for a bit, and I haven't written my yet, so I was writing to ask that you leave the linky thing open for a bit longer. like maybe until tomorrow morning for your time zone. I'd appreciate it, I'd love to partake in this one, but like I said on twitter it's gonna be a harder one for me to write, but I think it is something I need to do! :) I can't wait to read yours, and some of the others, thanks in advanced, <3 Happy Mother's Day!!!

  8. Great letter! I've been too busy to partake until now, but I'm linking to a post I did a while back when my oldest did me proud!

  9. No matter how many kids we have, our first born is the one who made us a mommy! Sweet letter!!

  10. Beautiful letter to your oldest! Happy Mother's Day Mama M


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