Saturday, May 15, 2010

Diarrhea of the brain.

Just spewing thoughts, here...

After guiding my husband on a rat race through and around and under and back around and through again the city, last night (more on that later)...we arrived at our hotel safe and sound.

And tired.

Baseball is my favorite FAR my favorite sport and we are enjoying the games and the weather! It is gorgeous here! Mid seventies, sunny, and I'm sweatin' buckets! Geepers, you can tell I'm used to cold, 'cuz normally mid 70's is my perfect weather!

I'm already sportin' a farmer tan...but only on my right arm. It's quite attractive. My husband is laughing at me. Yes, AT me. Not with me. At least I remembered to put sunscreen on my face and on our kids...'cept Baby Girl's arms. They were forgotten and are a tad pink. #motheroftheyear

We have another game in about 20 minutes...the last one was a heartbreaker...tied 'til the bitter end, when the other team made a brilliant move and caught us with our pants down.

Well, you know, figuratively...not literally. They frown upon the players pulling their pants down. I think. I guess I don't know for sure, but I'd imagine they wouldn't like that.

Currently, my boy is icing his ankle...I'm hoping he'll be able to hit this much more fun when you get to watch a little hittin' action!

Signing out...have a fabulous weekend. Oh, and I'm sorry if I annoyed anyone with my bored Twittering like mad last night! Being stuck in traffic is not something I enjoy!

Later friends! We're off to the ball game!!


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