Friday, November 6, 2009

While the Cat's Away...

Mama M. will play!! ;)

Mr. Wonderful and Big A. took off today on a manly deer hunting weekend.

mr.wonderful nine point buck hunting opener weekend
Which leaves me "widowed" with four small children.

We live in the middle of the woods, surrounded by cornfields...

Which means at this time of the year we are surrounded by hung-over men in blaze orange camo, bearing guns.

Irrational fears set in...

And my children aren't allowed outside unless they are wearing blaze orange head to toe.

I think I'm booking a trip to Disney next year.

Irrationally yours,


  1. I hate hunting season, I'm pretty much widowed all month too. ugh

  2. That would totally creep me out! Middle of nowhere..corn do you sleep at night!?!

  3. Jason Mraz? adorable? yes. i've hit the replay button on that song 5 times already. i'm in love with that song.

  4. I definitely think that escaping the creepy hungover men and going to disney sounds like a party!!!

  5. We live in the boonies too and a few years ago a bullet whizzed by our neighbor and lodged in his kids' swing set. Don't even get me started on hunters that shoot around houses...ughhh

    Great blog!

  6. I don't think your fear is irrational, in this case.

  7. I don't think you are being irrational at all! We live in the city so no hunting here unless you like squirrel roast.

  8. Hey I live close to my neighbors and still when my husband is gone for the night, I am a mess!

    Yay Disney!!

  9. don't feel bad. When deer season is here..ESPECIALLY duck season..i'm single! lol at least that's what i tell my boyfriend!


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