Sunday, November 8, 2009

The TreeHouse Chronicles--Day 91

After last week's frenzy of activity, I was expecting to see a bit more progress this week.

But, alas...the activity was nil.




I think my mighty hunter had different things on his a giant trophy buck, or something.

Does it make me a terrible wife that I hope every year he doesn't shoot one? Man, I feel guilty even putting that on paper...or screen, I guess...but I just can't eat deer meat! I don't mind the's the thought that gets me!!!

Those sweet little deer eyes, just looking at you innocently.

Yup, can't do it.

But, anywho...I digress.

So, no progress this week...and I'm afraid for next week. We have, like, 32 ton (something else I don't understand...why is the plural of, say pound, pounds...but the plural of ton is...ton? And you can shoot one deer or three deer, but you drink one beer or three beers. I don't get it. I feel sorry for anyone having to learn the English language...)...bah...gosh, see there I go again, getting all side tracked!

What I was gonna say, is we've got a whole boatload of leaves in our, crazy, freaky amounts of leaves...and any spare time we have from here on out, will be to get the stupid things off the ground before it snows.

Because, lemme tell ya a little somthin':

Fall = dry leaves (easy to rake)

Spring = wet leaves (and lot's of sweating and swearing...well, not so much swearing, just a lot of muttering under your breath--"stupid, stinkin' wet leaves...whose idea was it to wait 'til spring, anyway? Dumb, dumb wet leaves..."--somethin' like that.)

We've actually considered having a leaf raking party:

You're invited!!
Bring your own rake,
and a lot of stick-to-
We'll feed you supper (deer meat likely),
We need you!!!

Yeah, somethin' along the lines of that!

So, will you help? ;)


  1. We would help if we could, with 6 extras to boot. But we have our own to take care of!!

  2. I've been raking my own leave for the past 3 days and still not done, ugh! Oh, and I am hoping my hubby doesn't get a deer either but because I don't want to have the "there's nowhere to hang a deer head in our house" conversation...again. :)

  3. I love that tree house. When you are done with that one can you come and build me one??? LOL

  4. If you replace the deer meet with pizza and offer drinks I would def come!

  5. My Rugrat Daughter just asked My Hunk when he was going to ever build her the tree house she wants. He replied "Probably when you have children"
    She didn't find as much humor in it as Hunk did.

    BTW- My Hunk is a hunter too and I also feel guilty over secretly hoping the deer are very good and hide and seek.

  6. Oooohhh..I wanna come help rake!! I love you burn em when your done?

    I will not eat the deer tho!

  7. Seriously...that treehouse is going to ROCK when its done and so worth the wait.

    Poor Bambi...

    I love raking leaves! And the smell of them burning is just wonderful!

  8. Uh, yeah... I might be busy that weekend(I totally made a typo when writing that... it said, I might be busty that weekend.. but I fixed it for you...HA!)

    Hope you are enjoying the sunshine!


  9. I would definitely help out, except for the whole being in a different country part...


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