Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hot and Healthy Thru the Holidays-With Mama M. and Keely!

Welcome back Hot and Healthy girls!!

Woo hoo!!! We made it through one week!!

Are ya feelin' Hot and Healthy yet?

Well, if you're like us...Le Co-Hosts, you're not quite feelin' it yet, right? So, it's a good thing we have many more weeks to go...oye

So we have a few questions for ya (dontchaknow?!!)...

How'd your first week go?

Did you get your cardio in?

Did you try any of Mama M's snacking tips?

Did you at least try Keely's Pilates Hundred?

Are you taking this as seriously as we are?

What are your thoughts?

So once you have those questions answered, grab the MckLinky code and make sure you link up!! Oh, and lets try to leave as many encouraging comments on each others blogs as we can!

Also, for linking up this week there will be an incentive! Can't tell ya what it is tho (we'd hafta kill you, or something...isn't that how the saying goes?)...you'll just have to trust us on this one! For those of you that are doing this and don't have a blog...leave a comment on either Keely's or my blog and let us know how you're doing!

And, for anyone that didn't get a chance to link up last week and still want in...well, go ahead and link up today...or when you get a chance...MckLinky will be up 'til Thursday!

Also, we have come up with a Healthy Recipe Blog Hop for Saturdays, as previously requested! Let us know your thoughts on that as well...like it...don't like it...let us know!

We are here to please!

Every week Keely and I will each post about how we did during the week. It'll always be right under this post..so make sure you read both of our blogs to see how we did! (And, um...offer us your support, too!)

Let's get this week started..

The goal for this week is add at least 20 extra minutes of cardio to the 150 minutes you're already doing..for a total of at least 170 minutes!

Feel free to spread it out however you want!

And one more challenge...try the Pilates Hundred at least 3 days this week! Just try it!


How'd your first week go?

Well, if I'm gonna be completely honest...it could've gone better. Like waaaayyyyy better!

On the snacking and eating I was in pretty good form...I even resisted the Starburst in line at WalMart!! (Think something along the lines of, "Step away from the candy...that's right, put your arms down and just, step away from the candy...).

But exercise? Meh...I sucked. I only did two days of cardio. Two measly little days...but, hey! It's two more days than I've done in the past!

Did you get your cardio in?

Um, yeah...see above answer.

But, I've gotta say...I'm happy with how I exercised! Just threw in a Kidz Bop CD, grabbed the kids and started shimmying! And I jogged a little around the basement (and jiggled a lot...) and I've participated in enough exercise videos to remember a few moves...so I threw those in there too.

Really, it was probably quite the sight to see...me, in my jammies, rockin' out with my kids, all sweaty and red cheeked.

Speaking of cheeks...it really bothers me when I work out and mine jiggle. I don't like jiggly flesh (and...for the record...I'm talkin' 'bout my facial cheeks...just sayin'. But the other cheeks could use some stabilization too!)...and I like it even worse when it reminds me that it's jiggly...you know, by jiggling.


Did you try any of Mama M's snacking tips?

Yupper!! I did! See above note (again...)! I asked myself, everytime I opened the junk food cupboard..."do you really need something?"...and it worked!

There was even a time when I was bored, and thought, "oh, I'll just eat something"...and then opened the cupboard and was all, "Nope! Not gon' doit!"

Did you at least try Keely's Pilates Hundred?

Okay, so...er...shhhhhh. *whispers* don't tell Keely...but I didn't! Anything that has Pilates and Hundred in it's name makes me a little queasy. And, well...you know...working out on a queasy tummy just isn't so much fun.

(Ugh...I can't believe I didn't even try it!!!)

What are your thoughts?

My thoughts...well, I personally feel like there are too many days between Thursday (Tip day) and Tuesday (MckLinky day)...which is why Keely and I decided to add in the Saturday Recipe Linky! I know when we were first discussing this "campaign" there was some talk of doing a Recipe MckLinky, so we thought, why the heck not!

And, that means we can all check in on one another more often! Right?!

We really want to encourage people to offer one another their support in the form of comments, Tweets, or Blog Frog discussions! It's helped me motivate meself (oooh, I like to talk like I'm Irish...my wee lil' lassies!) to see what others are doing and to get a little, "C'mon, Mama M.!! Move it girl!"

Keely totally missed her calling...she needs to be a personal trainer, dontcha think?

And now...it's time for
you to link up! Tell us how you did, girl!

MckLinky Blog Hop


  1. Well gosh!! I should have answered the questions too..oh well!! Um..I'm very very disappointed that you didn't even try one teeny tiny bit to do the hundred..so sad..:-(

    I forgive you tho..

  2. Not only did I add your blog hop to my page, I dedicated my entire Truthful Tuesday to your "Hot & Healthy" series! Woo hoo!!! I didn't mention this in my post, but I do love the 100-- I've been doing them for a while now, and they always have me "feeling it"!


  3. Oh what fun! I want to learn how to do pilates, but it takes so much time to just learn it that I don't do it.

  4. Something about getting hot and sweaty at home just doesn't work for me!

  5. I won't lie. I totally eat my brains out during the holidays. But I have a reason - right after the holidays is tax season, and I don't eat regularly then! I always end up losing to much weight then, so I try to start out a bit ahead of the game. (Please don't hit me!)
    But, I totally love reading about what all you guys are doing, and while I may not jump in on workouts, I'm keeping the snacking in mind! You are a winner in my book! I said so here!

  6. Great tips!! And this is a lot of fun. Thanks for hosting.

  7. It's so nice to know we are all so normal! I am loving this. Thanks for all the effort!

  8. You know I SHOULD be doing this...

    Maybe I will just watch for a bit! ;)



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