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Five Question Friday!! 11/27/09

My Little Life

Happy Black Friday, my friends!!! Anyone still recovering?!

Well, it may be Black Friday, but it's also Five Question Friday!!! Whoo-hooo!!! The blog carnival that poses quirky, fun questions so we can get to know each other better!! And, you know...have a chance to answer quirky, fun questions about ourselves!

I mean...who doesn't love that?!!

Da rulez...copy the following questions to your blog, answer them, grab the MckLinky blog hop code, and link up!! I'd lurve it if you'd link back to me, Mama M!!

Don't have a blog, but wanna participate?

Feel free to answer the questions in the comments below!!

All righty then...let's get started!

Questions for November 27th: (Thanks to Adrienne and Tyler for their question suggestions!!)

Do you do a real or fake Christmas tree?

What is your favorite Christmas tradition with your family?

3. Do you celebrate Thanksgiving in your neck of the woods? And, if many calories do you think you consumed yesterday?

4. Have you started decorating for Christmas, yet?

5. What is your favorite Christmas cookie?

(Can you tell people are getting in the Christmas spirit?!!)


1. Do you do a real or fake Christmas tree?

Oh, wouldn't be Christmas without a real tree in this household!!!

I love real trees...cutting it down, getting it just right, the smell, the mess, the endless needles...well, okay, I could do without the needles and the mess...but I'd never trade a real tree for nuthin'!!

In fact, we'll be getting our tree on Sunday!

Bring out the cider...and the music...and the love...and the fighting ("no, that's MY ornament"!!)...and the broken ornaments...mmmmmm, I love it!!

What is your favorite Christmas tradition with your family?

Midnight mass.

And,'s not so much a family event, but it's my favorite tradition!!

Mr. Wonderful and I, and occasionally, Big A., leave the Christmas Eve celebration at my parents, settle the little kids in, leave my aunt in charge of them, and head off to church.

It's amazing...the smells, and the spirit, and the songs, and the celebration of baby Jesus' birthday!!!

I love it...totally love it!! ;)

3. Do you celebrate Thanksgiving in your neck of the woods? And, if many calories do you think you consumed yesterday?

Heck yes, we do!!

Next to Christmas, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays!!

I love that it's kept it's meaning throughout the years...celebrating with family, giving thanks, eating 'til your buttons's awesome!

Okay, so know Michael Phelps? Yup...he of the bazillion Olympic Gold Medals?

I was totally on the Michael Phelps 12,000 calorie diet yesterday. Or, maybe more.

I can't be sure.

4. Have you started decorating for Christmas, yet?

Nope, not yet!! But, come later today, we'll be breaking out the Christmas totes!!

I can't wait...

Christmas tunes, a little Peppermint Schnapps spiked hot chocolate, candles galore...wooo hoooo!!!

5. What is your favorite Christmas cookie?

Oh, man!!! Just one?!!!

Okay...ummmmmm...if I hafta choose just one...I'd say my mom's Chocolate Star cookies.

Dang, she has those things down pat!! A melt in your mouth sugar cookie with a yummy, melty chocolate star...all in perfect proportions!

An amazing ratio of chocolate to cookie.


And, looks like I'll be baking today.

Mama needs some chocolate star cookies!!!

Okay, friends!! Your turn!

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  1. Hey Mama M, are fun. It makes me smile just to read your posts. No wonder you have so many followers. (:>)

    I might link up with my Thanksgiving post from yesterday and add your questions at the top.

    Have a good day.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  2. UGH! The huz won't let met get a real tree. BOO!

  3. I agree! We need a picture! I love all cookies really. I'm not too picky. I wish we could get a real tree. I don't particularly like the mess but I love the smell!

  4. Yum yum, those chocoalte star cookies sound delicious!!!!

  5. I'm late again to link up, but I wanted to say thanks for putting together these Christmas questions. I love getting in the spirit!

  6. I missed out linking my post. I had it scheduled but got wrapped up with Thanksgiving I guess. Here's the link if you want to read it
    Thanks for hosting. It's fun to read what others are doing.


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