Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's My Boot Day! Alternately Titled: Dear Zappos

Dear Zappos:

First, let me state a few factoids.

1. I love you.

2. I love your cute, kitschy little messages, notes, and emails.

3. Free shipping? You rock. Best ever.

My birthday was last week, did you know that, Zappos? I'm sure you didn't, if you did, certainly you would've sent me a beautiful present to celebrate my getting older. And wiser.

Here's the thing. I ordered two pairs of boots, the Paige (on your right) and the Melissa:

I pretty much knew which ones I wanted (Paige), but had to see them both in person. Here's the other thing, the color I really wanted in the Paige was out of stock...I knew, I just knew that ordering a different color wasn't a good idea but hey, I grew up in an "instant gratification" era. Kinda.

And, I HAD TO HAVE those boots. Now. Even if I wasn't sure of the color.

So they came. And I tried them on. And they were beautiful and glorious and man, oh man did they smell delicious. (No, I didn't lick them...but I did hug them.) But the color. It was just...not right for me. *insert tears and wailing and gnashing of teeth here*

Being the older, wiser woman I am now that my birthday has passed, I gave them one last caress and packed them up and sent them (both) wait for the other color to be stocked again.

Okay, Zappos. Here's the thing. It's been like 3 days. That's 72 hours for you mathematicians out there and HELLO!!! I thought that by being all mature and wise and (old) that the Zappos gods would smile upon me and get those other boots stocked up.

What's the dealio? When are my boots gonna be in stock? I CAN'T WAIT ANY MORE!!! I mean, have you ever had to wait 72 hours+++ for a pair of boots?

I can hardly stand it. I'm wasting away in a boot dryland over here. I'm dying a slow death from a boot deficiency. I need a boot bolus, STAT.

And, so, yeah. Okay, age hasn't brought me patience.

Boots. Please. Frye Paige, Tan Antique, size 7.5. Thank you, Zappos.

Patiently (ahem) Yours


  1. Haha! Hope they get your boots in asap!

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  3. Have you ever tried I get stuff from there a lot and they also have free returns and free shipping...and cash back if you go through Ebates first....oh and a customer "loyalty" program where you earn points that can later be redeemed for cash towards other purchases! LOVE that!!

  4. I have black boots but need brown ones. I have not learned to wear jeans with my boots, i need help


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