Thursday, February 21, 2013

Valentine's Day...Late, like, duh.

So, I was all Pinteresty this Valentine's Day (and just getting around to posting it after crawling out of the great, dark abyss of norovirus)...last year, I did this after getting the idea from a Facebook friend:

And this year, I went all out. Even woke up early so I could get things going for the kids!

The Mr. and I did the streamer love notes again for the kids...I just love the whole process, thinking of numerous reasons of why I love each of my kids and all for their very own and unique ways and writing them down so they can see it in black and white.

Or, you know, black and pink. ;)

Then, this year, I made bacon hearts and heart shaped (use your imagination) cinnamon roll muffin waffles.

My kids? They loved me.

And, I'll admit...heart shaped bacon tasted just a little bit better. Must've been all the love I added to it. ;)

Now, I'm off to Gram's to cook...been way too long with all the illnesses we've had around here!

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  1. I remember reading about you decorating with the notes for valentines day last year and LOVED it. I'm a first grade teacher and decided to steal your idea for my students. I decorated my classroom with hanging hearts for each of them with reasons why I loved them. They were SO in love!!! It was adorable to see their faces!!!


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