Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Karma is a Mind Reader, Too.

A couple of weeks ago, I was perusing the aisles of Walmart, mulling over the "flu epidemic" and feeling rather smug.

Smug, because we had had a very uneventful cold and flu season thus far. We'd been healthy while the rest of the world was seemingly dropping like flies to various illnesses.

Suddenly, I stopped in my tracks, looked around, fearful that maybe Karma was hiding amongst the canned beans, spying on me...but, psh, I hadn't said anything out loud, so I skipped merrily through the store continuing with my quiet, personal little thoughts about how healthy and vibrant and energetic we've all been.

And then? We were hit. Broadsided. Smashed to smithereens...turns out Karma can read minds too. Dirty b-word. GET OUTTA MY MIND, KARMA!! It's been one thing after another since that fateful, albeit slightly smug, trip to Walmart.

You'd think with as many kids as we have that illnesses would rage through our home like a burning wildfire, leaving us all wiped out at the end, but these illnesses? Spread out...one here, another a few days later, and yet again a few days after that. I think I prefer the raging wildfire to this slow, simmering, smoldering inferno.

Anyway, lesson learned...if you think Karma can't read your thoughts, think again. She can. Oh, heck yes, she can. Excuse me now, it's my 5 minute warning to give my youngest a tiny little drink of Gatorade.

Baby steps to rehydration...

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  1. Yes, she can read minds... I was saying I didn't get sick during the pregnancy and then got sick. I was saying I didn't have a hospital stay and look what happened... Ugh. Be nice to Karma... Think positive thoughts towards her.... she might be kind in return :)


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