Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Talkin' Shop...Volume 3...Dissecting Reader's Digest.

Ready for week 3? I'm finding myself really looking forward to this little Talkin' Shop series I started! (Hope you do too!)

Okay, this week's quote from the Reader's Digest "50 Secrets Nurses Won't Tell You" (Michelle, Crouch. "50 Secrets Your Nurse Won't Tell You." Reader's Digest. November 2011: 132-42. Print):

Feel free to tell us about your personal life, but know we're here for 12 hours with nothing to talk about. So the stuff you tell us will probably get repeated. -A Nurse in St. Petersburg, FL

Um. Wow. Okay, so let's lay it on the line.


Let's look a little closer at this quote: "...but know we're here for 12 hours with nothing to talk about." Since when have you known women OR men, who work together day in and day out and are together for the majority of their days to NOT have anything to talk about?

How about the weather? Or the latest celebrity gossip? Or...*gasp* THEIR FAMILIES?! I mean, REALLY? Together for 12 hours with nothing to talk about so you talk about your patients' personal lives?

I think not.

I will admit, occasionally, yes, a story might get repeated...but it's not something we do, just sit around waiting for a chance to repeat what you've said. For one thing, HIPPA. For another, and I am totally honest here, nurses are generally very kind, compassionate people who enjoy talking care of people. At least the ones I work with are.

Never hold something back from your nurse (if it's pertinent to your health) just because you're scared he or she will repeat it.

HOWEVER, if we are asking you pointed questions...such as "tell me about the last time you had a BM" and you proceed to tell me about your hang nail or the way your armpits smell when you sweat...feel free to hold that back!

BM = specific body function.

While you may somehow be able to tie your hang nail to your poop, I'm pretty sure that it really doesn't pertain, and I have approximately 47,000 more questions to ask you before we can proceed with your admission, at which point my ears will be all yours and you can tell me anything and everything you'd like.

'Til next week!


  1. do you have to write down everything that a patient tells you like they have a hang nail

  2. I love this. Your answers are hilarious, and honest. Thank you.

  3. I'm a nurse, too. Well, sort of. Took this year off with a little baby girl we adopted! I'm enjoying this series of posts! :) I've got a Five Question Friday you can use some day when you are desperate. How much is spent on weekly groceries? With our family of six, I'm always curious if we are crazy-nuts with the amount we spend...would love to hear from others. Thanks for all of the fun, thought provoking, and thankful-for blog posts. I always enjoy them.


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