Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas Through Her Eyes.

I just finally downloaded the Christmas photos from my camera...and it made me miss Christmas all over again. Have I ever told you how much I love Christmas?

Oh. I have? Well, carry on then.

Anyway, my babe was in rare form on Christmas Eve morn, asking to be photographed:


"And mom, one like this?":

Then came the requests for photographing her baby doll...who also received a brand new Christmas nightgown.

I obliged, of course:

And apparently, I proceeded to get very busy while someone began snapping photos of her surroundings.

I was about to delete them all when I realized, wow...this is what her world looks like. This is Christmas through her eyes. Just look:

 And my favorite:

 Love seeing the view from a child's perspective!


  1. Beautiful pictures! Beautiful girl!

  2. Very nice pictures of your daughter. She is beautiful. I loved the view from her eyes. My favorite was the ornaments.

  3. She's beautiful! And great shots from her eyes :) What a treasure :)

  4. You will always cherish the pictures. I love them. Such a sweet little girl you have.

  5. Great pictures. I love her gorgeous Christmas outfit- the Purple skirt is very nice. She's a sweetheart and has a knack for using the camera. :D

  6. That is to sweet. It makes me think twice with my little nieces and nephews when they want to play with my camera, in fear that they will break it. Maybe next time I'll let them have a go at it, I want to be able to peer into their little world too.


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