Thursday, January 10, 2013

It all Came Together.

Alternately Titled: Proof of How Tired I Was.

When Christmastime rolls around (gah, two posts in a row about Christmas. Can you tell who's missing Christmas?) I begin my "Christmas outfit" planning in earnest, always trying to find some cute, coordinating things for us to wear.

This year, my plan was plum and gray and I set about to find JUST the right things. I bought and returned and searched and scoured and pieced and pulled and FINALLY. I got it just right.


Remember when I told you how sleep deprived I was before Christmas, you know with the whole "finishing the bathroom" combined with "last minute Christmas prep"? Yes. Proof. Above. My eyes...they don't sparkle. I was plum (hehe, get it?!) tuckered out. And, that is me with a full face of makeup on.



  1. Your family is just so lovely! I didn't comment the other day, but I looked thru Baby's Christmas photo shoot (and HER baby!), and I can't help it---she just looks like a little angel. So, so precious---BOTH of your girls are just LOVELY! And such handsome little men you have!
    Just a lovely family. ♥

  2. NOT ew! You look beautiful. Love your hair. And I LOVE this picture. GREAT coordinating outfits, and such a beautiful family. :)

  3. What a beautiful photo and you all look gorgeous!

  4. What a gorgeous family photo! I think the subjects may have had something to do with it!


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