Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stepping Out of My Box

I've got a secret for you.

Are you ready? It's kind of personal.

*Big deep breath*

Here goes...

I hate change. Ugh. There. I said it.

I hate it. I love the comfort and security that comes with the familiar. I hate feeling unsure of things or not knowing how to do this or that or having to relearn how to do simple tasks.

Case in point: The new Blogger interface. (And now all of you "non-bloggers" have just gone, "Uh...wha?" and I've totally lost you, right mom?) I was all fine and dandy with the "old Blogger" and how things looked worked and...wait. No I wasn't. Suddenly my scheduled posts stopped posting and photos take forEVER to upload and the comment formats stink, but whatev.

I was familiar with it. Which means I LOVED it.

So, when I logged on yesterday morning and saw this new, weird, "fancy" looking screen staring back at me I was caught of guard. Then I got nervous. Which means I started to sweat. And then I had to change my shirt.

All because of Blogger. So I switched back to the old Blogger. And all was right in my world again.

But then last night? Well, last night I decided to put my big girl panties on and FOR PETE'S SAKE JUST TRY THE NEW THING ALREADY!! So, here I am. Trying it.

Giving it the ol' college effort.

I'll give it a good week of posting.

I'll probably be going through a lot of shirts.

And PS...what is a "jump break"?


  1. I sooooo agree with you. I like the old blogger. I was comfortable with it. I am not happy with the new. But when I switched back to the old, it wouldn't let me save anything. Yikes. I may try it again.

  2. I tried the upgrade for about a week or longer and it was just too slow to deal with. I abandoned it and am now back to the old interface. I thought upgrades were supposed to be a good thing, right?

  3. I'm the same way. ANY change wigs me out. My kids are the same way.

  4. Isn't it all going to be the new format by May 1st? Meaning we can't switch back to the old one? Kind of like Facebook and the new Timeline. And I'm having trouble with Gmail's new format too. I have to scroll left and right to see it all, and I'm not changing my screen resolution for it! Just leave it alone people!
    But I do love change when it's not rearranging my living room whenever I feel like it. ;)

  5. I agree, I hate the new Blogger, gone is the simple easy to use screens, now we have this very awkward, uncomfortable looking screen and I feel lost.
    I didn't know you could change it back - how do you do it and does it work?

  6. I have a hard time with computer changes; I am not diggin' the new blogger format, but maybe cause I am making it harder on myself...I keep having to "GOOGLE" "blogger dashboard" because I can't find it on the main page ;) Nuts I tell ya!

  7. I changed to the new format when I helped my friend set up her blog. I don't like the skinny space that's too easy to forget for the title, I wish it would ask if I was sure I wanted to post without a title before it posted, like gmail does when you try to send an email without a subject. I also with the entire "comments waiting for moderation" line was a link instead of just the tiny number. But other than those two things, I love the new interface!

    It took a little getting used to, but the stats and settings are much easier to access and I completely love that I can add multiple photos at a time and they are all available to slip into he blog as I write it for the rest of the session for that post. Give it some time - it's a wonderful change once you adjust to it!

  8. I hadnt blogged in months and just started again and I felt the same way when I logged on!!!! I am right there with you!


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