Monday, April 30, 2012

He makes us laugh...

Hambone is our "one liner" kid. Always coming up with something goofy or silly and not ever really meaning to! He always acts so surprised (and embarrassed) when we all break out into laughter after one of his hilarious little quips.

Remember when our Aussie friends came to stay with us for a couple of days? Well, they gained some pretty big fans while they were here...and then last week we received a package from them in the mail...

LOOK at that loot! (Still not so sure about that Vegemite...) Well, they sent along the movie "Red Dog" (which has opened up my world to a whole 'nother host of problems due to "drive regions" in computers and DVD players. Fer dumb.) and my kids (and ME too!!) LOVE it!

Hambone has always been our movie buff and can rattle off movie lines like none other...but the other night, when he was eating a Popsicle for a bedtime snack he proclaimed, "This Popsicle is BLOODY GOOD!!!!!", we died.

All of us.

Just fell over dead from laughter.

This kids cracks us up.

Then I posted it on Facebook and Paul's (the Aussie Mr. that stayed with us) response was the icing on the cake:

Well bugger me, little blighters were listening after all, you do realise that bloody good is the ultimate praise......

And now I want to be Australian.

G'day mates!


  1. I'm a bad Australian - I haven't seen Red Dog in it's entirety yet, but I have heard that it's almost as 'bloody good' as popsicles.
    and I couldn't imagine life without vegemite - fancy that

  2. What a great package, that's awesome! Your hambone is too funny!

  3. I would like to be Australian too. " Bloody good"

  4. I am so jealous you have Tim Tam's!!! Now you have to have a cup of tea, bite off two corners diagonal to each other, suck the tea through the tim tam then eat quickly. I promise you it is delicious!!

    Bloody good or bloody beautiful are phrases we use all the time!

  5. Love it - one liners are the best! My hubby is Australian and my youngest (and super picky eater - as in he won't eat ice cream) LOVES Vegemite on toast every morning. So, if you get scared of the Vegemite, send it our way - we're running out. ;)


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