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My New Best Friend...

One dark and stormy night...

Nevermind. It wasn't dark. It wasn't stormy. I just think a good story always needs to start that way., this one time, at band camp...JUST KIDDING! ;) Feelin' the need to jazz up what's sure to be a *yawn* story. It's about a bum shoulder. A bum shoulder I got while being chased by a hungry grizzly bear out in the bush of Alaska and I tripped on a boulder and fell down a ravine and dislocated my shoulder, but I popped it back in myself and it's given me trouble ever since.

What? You don't believe me?

Fine...I think I have a bum shoulder 'cuz I carry purses that are too heavy. See? The first story was better. Anyway, it flares up every so often...usually without warning and, well, now that I think about it, it's not really my shoulder. It's kinda of my shoulder, back, neck.

It happened the day of the wedding in Mexico (before the meltdown) and MAN ALIVE, when it flares up HOLY HECK does it hurt! (And this is coming from a woman who prefers unmedicated labors...what I'm saying is, I KNOW WHAT REAL PAIN IS.)

Anyway, Monday night I went to bed with a stiff shoulder area...I woke up no worse for the wear but suddenly I remembered that I forgot (more on that later) that I had a hair appointment. It was appointment was scheduled for 11. Enter frantic call to salon, learned they could still get me in and *cue rushing out the door*.

Remember the broken garage door opener? Combine that with a shoulder that was threatening to get angry with me and as I opened the garage door, hot, searing pain entered my left shoulder. Up my neck, down my spine, out toward my shoulder (I've since isolated it to a few muscles above and along my shoulder blade). Holy man. Ouch.

Well, when we were in Mexico, my parents' friend had some magical little roll-on potion that he borrowed me, and as soon as I could I tried to find out the name. Only he couldn't remember it, so I was left to search the shelves at Walmart for something that looked similar.

When I spied this little beauty:

My heart sang. There it all it's menthol glory. The little bottle that feels oh so good.

Yes my friends, I am again sharing with you one of life's little secret miracles. "Bio-Freeze".

Not only is it cooling and soothing, but the little ball roller allows my husband to really rub those knots (he can feel them while rolling) that are wreaking havoc on my poor, unsuspecting little shoulder.

Remember this:



Actually, now that I look at the bottle, it's called "Perform" by the makers of "Biofreeze". Same diff, no?

*Disclaimer: As much as I'd love to get paid for promoting such a wonderful product, this ain't no paid advertisement! I just like to share things I find that sing to my soul. And dudes, this one is singin' a love song...


  1. Glad you found a miracle product--I've never heard of it. Confession: I secretly like the smell of Bengay cream. ;)

  2. I absolutely LOVE biofreeze!!! I just wish I had someone to put it on for me. ;)

  3. Oh yes Biofreeze is a miracle worker!

  4. Yep it is awesome! I get it from my chiropractor.

  5. I use an a535 rubwith arnica for my shoulders as well as me knees and the bottoms of my feet from too much dancing. It works it also inexpensive

  6. My d9ctor had suggested that for my lower back issues. I used to use Jointritis, which for whatever reason is no longer made. That stuff was a miracle ointment. Maybe it's time to give it a try?

  7. I LOVE bio freeze!! I've broken my tail bone, and I think it healed wrong. So ever since, I've had lower back pain. The ONLY thing that helps it go away is bio freeze. LOVE it! :) On another note, I'm sorry about your shoulder. :(


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