Monday, March 25, 2013

Prom Trend????

I learned something new the other day...from my teenager. Teenagers can teach parents lots of things; like what is cool/uncool for parents to do/say/wear, patience when dealing with humans under the age of 25, and, apparently, the latest prom asking out techniques.

Turns out (perhaps this has been going on across the country for centuries and is just hitting MN...we're a little late to most trends) that the guy has to get very creative when asking out his date to prom.

Um, huh? Isn't that for, like, ENGAGEMENTS? Like, "Will you marry me and bear my children and vow to spend the rest of your life with me?"?? I'm so confused. 'Course, when I was in high school approximately 87.3 years ago, the guys just tried to get a second alone with the girl (which is kinda creepy, really) and stood there shuffling his feet, and wringing his hands, and stuttering, and probably getting even more sweaty than a teenage boy usually is and then muttered, "Wanna go to prom?"?

Now? It's all videos and sidewalk chalk and balloon popping and drump truck giving.


*blink blink*

As if the poor guy wasn't under enough pressure the way it he's gotta be all creative about it?!

Anyway, my boy has had the same girlfriend for almost two years (GAH, two years?!), so he didn't have the "is she gonna say no" anxiety, but he had no clue how to get creative.

Dudes are like that for the most part.

But have no fear...MOM TO THE RESCUE!!!

Tossing all care for Mother Nature aside, we decided to buy a tank of helium (did you know you could do that?! $39.99 at Party're welcome.) and a pack of balloons and cram them all into her car.

We had devised the ultimate plan...Pal was gonna "borrow" her car because his has expired tabs (that he just got pulled over ticket, phew!), then fill it up with the helium filled balloons and when they all escaped into the night air (sorry Mother's all in the name of a creative Prom asking out) there he would be, sitting in her car holding a sign that said, "Prom?".

It went perfectly, according to him! Wish I coulda been there to see it...and now we get to rent a tux.

Oh yay. Mother's of sweet young think that kiddo is expensive now? 

Just wait until high school. I feel like I'm an ATM machine.

Thought: I wonder if this whole "creative" way to ask a girl to prom was a way to get out of the face to face, shuffling feet, sweaty, awkward "will you go to prom" but not look like a jerk for not asking her out face to face? Huh. Kids these days. Clever.


  1. I currently go to school in nebraska, but live just west of the cities during the summer and my they have been doing those elaborate ways to ask someone to prom for years! Maybe they've been doing that at your son's high school as well and you just didn't know? It is nothing new to MN, that is for sure!
    But that is a very cute way. I had to go on a walk around the neighborhood and follow the "yellow brick road" with different clues along the way such as the tin man holding a clue, the witch holding a was so fun!

  2. I had never heard of this before either but I did read a sign on our local hotel the other day that said "Soandso will you go to prom with Soandso". Poor kids. Pal and his girlfriend are super cute! I am not looking forward to the dating days.

  3. I saw this on reality shows! I cant get over the fact they have to be so creative. Not like it used to be thats for sure!

  4. What a fantastic idea! Good job Mom!!! So how did you handle the driving on a permit? I just bought a magnetic sign that reads, ?Please Be Patient...New Driver...Nervous Parent On Board."

  5. That is far too much in my opinion for high school. I heard a young newly engaged girl say that her HS boyfriend was more creative at asking her to prom than her now fiance did at asking to marry her. I feel like this is setting up girls for unrealistic expectations later on in life.

    I will say that that is a adorable though.

  6. Well paint me clueless! I had no idea that was the trend. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I'm confused....I guess I would think that if couples have been together for a while, it's just assumed that they're going. They have to be creative too?? Glad I'm not in HS anymore!

  8. Whoa. Yeah, nothing cool like that went on when I was in HS. Boo.


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