Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Girls' Room...The Verdict!

Am I apostrophizing "girls" correctly? As in "the possession of more than one girl"? Also, can you verb apostrophe? 'Cuz I just did.

Grammar lesson aside, the girls' (correct?) room has been bedding'ed! (Can you verb bedding?) I didn't actually count the votes, but I think #2 and #3 were mentioned most often, and they were my favorites, too, so I'm glad to know we have the same taste. I would've been bummed if y'all had picked my not favorites.

But, alas, it IS Belle's and Baby Girl's room, so they (as in Belle...if Baby Girl had picked, we'd prolly be back to Tinkerbelle. Or Cinderella. Or something.) got to choose! Are you ready to see what they picked?

Lemme give you a hint:

How about another?

Remember what the room looked like before? (Ugh. BEFORE pics, Mama, BEFORE!! Sorry, just a corner of ugly white blanket...)

Ugly white blanket filling in for "bedding", shabby pillow shams just waiting to be looked so sad in that cute, happy, pink room.

But now?

Are you ready????

Drumroll please....

Ta dah!!!!!!

My big girl loved the chocolate brown as much as I did!! It was my favorite from the very beginning! Now...window treatments and wall decorations and maybe some matching throw pillows (at 25 bucks a pop, I decided we could wait with the pillows...for now!). I see a fun, vinyl letter quote on the wall and perhaps, one of those cute chandelier sticky wall things! Or, maybe just a cute, small chandelier to replace the outdated light fixture????

Only time...and budget, will tell!


  1. Gorgeous! That one was my favorite too!

  2. We got an ADORABLE mini chandelier for Baby L's room on for about $60....really high quality, and MUCH cheaper than many others on the market. out the thread and needles, girl! You can MAKE window treatments for super cheap now'a'days! make no-sew roman shades for baby L's room for about $40...for BOTH! I need to do a blog post on baby L's room.

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