Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I Ain't Lyin'...

Let it be known that I am officially, certifiably, without a doubt...OVER WINTER.

My mom keeps saying, "It's only March" in that "mom-knows-best" voice of hers that is supposed to reassure us that, indeed, snow is nothing to be surprised of right now. But, here's the thing. USUALLY we have a bit of a thaw in February and it wipes out a good amount of snow.

This year? I'm pretty sure there is somewhere around 62.3 feet of snow on the ground. And so, when it snows in March, sure it's to be expected, but it's just a little harder to swallow when it's snow, upon snow, upon snow, upon oodles and oodles of snow.

I think we have just entered an ice age, as I don't expect this snow to melt anytime before August 23rd, or maybe the 24th...because it's so stinking deep. So deep, in fact, that there have been barns and sheds and garages in our county that have collapsed, one not too far from us that basically just blew apart at the seams from the weight of the snow.

Snow so deep, that when the plows go through, the corners of the intersections get piled so high with snow that a person can't see if a person or a car or a train or a flippin' triple decker bus is coming and so, you say a little prayer, inch out as far as you can, and then just "pedal-to-the-metal" it out into the intersection and hope you don't smash into anyone or anything.

Snow so deep, that our dog tries to walk on it and gets buried. Snow so deep that the hubs went onto the roof to shovel some down and I ended up with a wall of snow blocking me from entering the garage and snow heaps so high I'm pretty sure the kids could jump onto the roof from the snow mounds if they tried. Don't tell them I said that.

Now, when I'm complaining about the sweltering heat and humidity (that may not come) this summer, please direct me back to this post and tell me to take my hot, sweaty self to the beach and just shut up about it already.


Thanks. I always knew I could count on you.

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  1. There's NO snow in Michigan! As a matter of fact, it's a BALMY 75 degrees! Quick! Come for a visit! Pack that van full of kids and head this way!

    (I'm just kidding...but still want to encourage you to come check out the Mitten. :) And visit me. :)


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