Monday, August 13, 2012


We spent yesterday at Valleyfair. The "happiest place in the world" besides DisneyWorld. Or something.

And gosh. What the heck, you guys. The older I get, the less tolerant of "motion" I get, and the more motion sick I get, the more I eat. 'Cuz for some odd reason, it calms my tummy.

Here's the catch. I LOVE rides. I've learned that the "spinny" rides are "non-negotiable", as in, I get so queasy and urpy after them that my day is ruined. The roller coasters though? Bring. It. On.

Except, yesterday, they were even getting to me a bit. Which means, well, basically that I ate my way through the entire day.

(Photo taken from our June trip to Valleyfair...yesterday was gray and chilly!)

A ride on the world's best "Extreme Swing"? Some fries to soothe my slightly yucky tummy. A front seat on the "Wild Thing"? How 'bout some chips and guac for that? A death defying drop from the "Power Tower"? Ickyness cured only by hefty amounts of grease washed down by Coke.

And, Texans, when I say "coke", I mean "Coke".

Needless to say, my gauchos and over-sized sweatshirt came in VERY handy. In fact my took a look at me at the end of the day and stated, "Yeah. She does look like she came to eat."


Now...where did I put those running shoes?


  1. That's so crazy that eating settles your stomach after rides! I wish that happened to me. I am the biggest pansy when it comes to riding 'scary' rides. I still to the carnival games and mowing down on fair food. Glad you had fun and brought your over-sized sweatshirt ;) Although I'm sure you didn't gain even a pound!

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  2. How did you ever find out that eating settles your stomach!?!? That is the last thing I would think to do if I was feeling nauseous after a ride!! That ride by the way, EEK! Awesome picture, but scarrrry!

  3. After my 2nd munchkin I gave up all rides with a height requirement. Hubby takes any kids who care to ride and I sun myself while feeding snacks to the toddler at my side! I also gorge on trans fats and run off the calories - good luck with that one!

  4. I used to be able to ride the whirliest twirliest rides but also now get queasy. Like you, I learned that food helps. When I was pregnant (all three times) I was urpy throughout. It also helped then to eat...and eat...and eat...and eat. Weird, huh?


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