Friday, August 10, 2012

Five Question Friday! 8/10/12

Hey...that's a good, even birthday! Is it weird that my mind works like that? 8-10-12? And maybe an older sibling born on 2-4-06?

Okay, nevermind.

Anyway...gonna be a busy weekend. Finding our "potential" dream home opened our eyes to the updates our home needs if we should decide to put it on the market...among other things, a bathroom that a certain someone *coughMr.Wonderfulcough* needs to finish.

Welcome to Five Question Friday!! You've come to the right place if you want a fun, easy post or if you've suddenly discovered your muses' are crazy busy with visits to the county fair. (Guess where we were tonight?!)

Rules for 5QF: Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them, then watch for the linky post to appear Friday morning and LINK UP!

Oh, and remember (pay close attention...this is the important one)...HAVE FUN!

Questions for Friday, August 10th: (Special thanks to Maranda (@MarandaLamping) from Maranda LampingPam (@trooppetrie) from Troop Petrie, Heather (@chascouponmom) from Acting Balanced, Kate (@katieb38) from Kate's Life, and Mrs. Karen C (@Mrs_KarenC) from Dinosaur Superhero Mommy for these 5QF question suggestions! I would love to link you in a future 5QF, so come on over to my community or watch for my Thursday afternoon shout out for questions on Twitter and offer up your best question suggestions! Remember to @5crookedhalos me and use hashtag #5QF if you go the Twitter route!)

1. Thunder storms- love them or hate them?

2. Do your kids get back to school clothes

3. Do you golf? Do you watch it?

4. Showers or baths? 

5. What's the strangest meal you ever ate? 


1. Thunder storms- love them or hate them?

LOVE them! Love, love, love them!

Except when they happen out of the blue in the middle of the night and wake my husband from a dead sleep.

When I'm prepared and it's daytime and I'm not driving and I know my family is home safe with me, then YES! A good thunderstorm is awesome.

Mostly because my baby isn't fond of thunder and comes barreling into my arms for me to protect her. Love that snuggle time.

2. Do your kids get back to school clothes

Our kids get a "back to school day" with stuff, but getting hectic now that I have FOUR to get shopping!

We do school clothes shopping, then out to supper and then a movie...usually followed by a stop at Cold Stone.

I end up gaining 8,000 pounds during this time of the year. Fun meals out, popcorn, candy, pop, ice cream. *burp*

By the last kiddo, I need to buy myself some clothes cuz nothing fits any more! ;)

Actually, I love those times with my kids. One on one. No "other grimy kids" to interrupt. Just fun. Conversation. Laughs.

I highly suggest it!

3. Do you golf? Do you watch it?

No and no. Once upon a time, I tried to golf.

No, that's a lie.

Once upon a time I pretended to golf by joining the high school team but ended up skipping 99% of practices to do what? I dunno what I did or why I skipped...but I couldn't hit the ball anyway, so I'm sure no one missed me.

I golfed with my dad once and he said, "You have a great swing...if only you could hit the ball."

Have I ever told you I'm not athletic?

Well, I'm telling you now. Me + sports = comedy.

4. Showers or baths? 

There was a time in my life, long, long ago (before our tub choked on tub toys) when I enjoyed a long, leisurely bath...then I got out of the habit while our tub was out of commission...but I LOVE baths.

Showers are just so...practical. Hard to relax in a shower when you have to put so much effort into staying up right, you know? 

A tub? Ahhhhh...laying down in a bath with a good book and a cold drink? Lovely. ;)

Hey hon? Could you get that bathroom done?

5. What's the strangest meal you ever ate?

I can't recall a strange meal that I ate...but once, when I was a "tween" except I wasn't called  "tween" because "tweens" didn't exist back when I was a "tween", our neighbor brought over a hunk of freshly grilled meat.

It smelled delicious. Heavenly. And the smell was enough for me to be coaxed into sampling this mystery meat.

Only after my mom and declared how delicious it was did my neighbor chuckle and tell us that we just ate deer heart.

And the bile still rises in my throat when I think about that.


Whatever you do, do NOT accept mystery meat from a neighbor, even if it smells so heavenly you drool when you smell might end up looking like a fool when you proclaim how wonderful it tastes then immediately get clammy, start sweating and gagging when he tells you that you are eating the vital organ of a deer.

Oh dear heavens. Excuse me...I need to vomit.


Have a fabulous weekend, my friends!


  1. oh no, that is not nice to be tricked into eating something. I would be traumatized too. oh yeah, forgot about all the toys in the tub too, perhaps if I had a huge tub just for me, but then I would have to clean it too, and that's not fun.

  2. I make it a policy to ask before I eat anything... I'll usually still try it but I don't do mystery food...

  3. I love the idea of taking each kid out on their own for back to school - we might have to start that when both of them are in school!

  4. My husband once came home from deer camp with chili from my dad. (with the intention of sharing it with me). He heated it up, and served it with crackers. Right as we sat down (BEFORE I took a bite) , I smiled at him and said, "So....what is the meat in this here chili?" BUSTED! He rolled on the floor in laughter. I know my father so well.

    Just in case you were wondering: the meat was BEAVER. Yes, beaver. No, I didn't eat it.

  5. I love this post idea. And I love that I found another mom to five. I have four boys and a girl. Great blog :)

  6. I've tried deer before. My uncle and aunt and their kids hunt deer. I could never do it. Only tried it that once, wouldn't want to again though. Strangest thing I ever ate was at the World Trade Fair when it was in New Orleans, years and years ago... went to a Korean restaurant and ordered fish. I figured that was a safe thing. The fish was delivered... on a platter... STANDING UP, as if still swimming in the water!!! It had a head, body, tail, eyes.. it LOOKED at me. yeah, never again.

  7. I agree that you should never ever never trust "mystery meat!" I'll try anything if I know what it is, but I have to know.

    My Mom did school clothes shopping the same way; one day with me and one with my brother for lunch clothes and school supplies.

  8. Hey Mama M, I lost your email but I wanted to let you know that my husband received the card you sent. Thank you so much!!!

  9. This is a fun idea! Mystery meat was a staple at our house. My mom preferred the "don't ask, don't tell" philosophy of what we were eating. We were poor. My dad was a hunter. There were a LOT of mystery meals. Let's just say, I can eat almost anything with enough ketchup! ;)

  10. Oh, no!! That sounds disgusting! Haha. You crack me up, though.

    LOVE what you do with your kids before back to school! :)

    My thoughts EXACTLY on baths. :)


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