Monday, August 20, 2012

And then he was 7.

Somehow, my baby boy turned 7. It just doesn't seem possible that he's already 7. SEVEN! That's like so...OLD!

My mom and I were talking and she said, "For some reason, the odd years seem so much older than the even years." So, so true. And, Hambone turning 7 is the start of ALL my kids turning an odd year!

This kid is such an awesome kid. An old soul from the minute he was born, he is ENTIRELY his own man.

A bit aloof, but with a quick smile, he is a kid that other kids seem drawn to. I'm not so sure that he's so much a "leader" as much of a "I don't really care" kid, he's happy to do his own thing if he's not into what the other kids are doing.

He's often the one lagging behind, usually because he's doing ninja kicks and karate chops to go along with the story he's making up in his mind.

The other day he came into the living room and said, "Mom, watch this!" and proceeded to do a standing flip. No running jump, no climbing up on the couch for help...while my heart did a leap into my throat as I watched him flip his little body around, I chuckled afterward, and talked to him about how he could hurt his neck doing that! Gah.

Then, the next week, another, "Mom, watch this!" and I watched as he launched himself into a handstand, then flip his body around...landing hard on his butt. Kid should be in gymnastics.

His baby sister STILL adores him and is his little shadow.

Recently, my mom had the kids and while Dubya was telling her how he was going to own a ranch in Montana or Oklahoma, Hambone added, "I think I'm gonna have a house right next to mama."

This kid melts my heart. He is such a joy. Such an easy going kid. Such a kind hearted, slightly mischievous, sweet old soul.

Happy, happy, HAPPY birthday, Hambone!! We love you so, so, so much!!!!!!!


  1. that first picture is PRECIOUS! What a little cutie!

  2. Happy Birthday to your not so little anymore man. He is handsome as can be.

  3. Happy Birthday to Hambone! Hope he has had a truly magical day. :D

  4. happy birthday! you're right.. odd years DO seem older! my little man will be turning 7 next spring.. GAH! NOT ready!

  5. Happy birthday Hambone. Glad to see he is still counting up instead of done like I do.

  6. You're right... he does have an old soul. It's in his eyes, as though he holds a wealth of knowledge of the universe already. Very handsome!

  7. Thanks for sharing precious moments with us. So nice picture. Happy birthday Hambone.

    - Herman Swan


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