Thursday, July 26, 2012


Good golly, I have the hardest time making decisions.

iPhones, iPads, what to wear, blah blah blah.

Then, when it comes to something that should be black and white, I STILL can't make up my mind!

So, if you follow me on Twitter, how many times have you heard me grumble about our internet service? A few billion? Gagillion? Googelzillion? It sucks. Especially during the summer. 

We live in the woods and (up until recently) a virtual black hole. No internet, no cable, no running water. Just kidding about the water. When the leaves are on the trees, our Clearwire signal was, at best, 2 bars. Mostly one. I knew this when we signed up for it, but it was our only option other than dial up (does dial up still exisit?!) so we did it.

Winter was tolerable and I talked myself into that being okay since winter in Minnesota lasts 37 months of the year. Or something. Recently, I've been more and more and MORE (read: MORE) frustrated with the the other day I finally looked and LOW AND BEHOLD we aren't living in the dark ages any more!

Qwest high-speed (er, CenturyLink, excuse me) is now in our area...HALLELUJIA!!!

Enter: nail biting, pacing floor, second guessing, hmmm'ing and haaa'ing, asking every Tom, Dick and Harry their opinion of CenturyLink and whether they were happy and how their service was and did they think it would be faster than our (horrible, terrible, slow as molasses) ClearWire and gosh, do they ever really wonder why the sky is blue?


I've been waiting for this for SEVEN YEARS. Waiting and waiting and waiting for the option of high-speed and...NOW I'M QUESTIONING IT?!

*forehead slap*


Guess who's coming to install our new internet service on Monday?


  1. Don't feel bad. I'm definitely the most indecisive person on the planet. I can't even decide what to eat half the time, let alone who my cable or internet company should be! (Luckily, in my town there is only one so I don't have to decide ha ha)

  2. Well, by golly....she's made a decision! Well done, M. I hereby declare today over. :)

  3. You are not alone.

    For years, we endured only having a dial-up...our friends thought we were standoffish because we wouldn't share out skype 'names' and downloading a movie was something we'd do if we didn't plan on using the phone for a week...when we were finally able to get 3G broadband we agonised over it for months, and again when (affordable) satellite broadband came online when, as you say, it's really such a no brainer...

    Go nuts on Monday once your connection to the information superhighway is no longer a goat track...



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