Monday, July 9, 2012

Real Time...

Sitting here, wondering why I can't ever come up with the time to blog on Mondays anymore when I realized that it all boils down to fun.

Weekends so crammed full of stuff (work included) that by the time Sunday evening rolls around, I am so plum tuckered out that I fall into bed, full of fresh air, sunshine and happiness.

Except for those few times when I fell into bed in a bad mood...but you didn't want me around then, anyway, so for that, you're welcome!

Cooked with Gram today...made some incredible Chow Mein that my horribly picky 16 year old wouldn't even try. Not. One. Bite. And you say your 2 year old is difficult?! Ha. Okay. ;)

Up late. Just showered. Editing photos, needing to write a blog post, trying not to think of the cupboard/closet reorganization project that I started and didn't finish, and ignoring the laundry that is calling to me from the hallway in a super creepy, horror flick voice.

Chugged down a delicious "smoothie" that my dad invented that consists of Kefir, V8 Fusion and a shot of Ning Xia ("Ninja). I feel like I could conquer the world now. (I think that's the Ninja talking...)

Looking forward to an impromptu vacation that we are planning...not going anywhere far this year, the Mr. is going to do a little "trade" for his "services" (gah...that looks so bad when I put that in quotes...Magic Mike-ish or something...) and in turn we'll get a week at a lake cabin on a fabulous lake!

And that, is about all I have for now...looking at my camera sitting by me and feeling the itch to go out and shoot something. If only it weren't dark out.

See you in the am! Stay tuned for Chow Mein!

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