Monday, July 23, 2012


Back in the world of wi-fi.

With a sunburned back.

Back to reality.

Back to laundry. And no A/C. And no lake. And no fishing.

Back to life.

Mr. Wonderful thought that, maybe, by spending a week at a cabin I'd "get it out of my system". Unfortunately, it made it worse.

Now I have "cabin fever" (of the summer sort, not winter) stronger than I've ever had before! I've been searching and searching lake properties. To no avail...lake prices are SKY HIGH here and there's no way we can swing a for now, I'll just dream.

Speaking of "dreams"'s 1 am, and I need to get to sleep!

Good night friends!


  1. Life in a cabin by a lake...river... ocean... any water, now that sounds like heaven!

  2. oh I know... vacations always make me wonder if I really love living where I do as much as I think I do... Don't worry.. It'll settle down after a few loads of laundry. :)


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