Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rainy Day #2

So, yeah...I guess I should be content that's it's raining, even if it is during our vacation, right?

Well...I'm trying. REAL hard. And the only thing that's making this okay right now (you know, *other than* the fact we're finally getting the rain we so desperately need) is that tomorrow's forecast reads: "abundant sunshine"!

I like to think that that's how people refer to me..."Oh, Mama? She's'abundant sunshine'!" Or something.

Here are a coupla photos from our day, yesterday...


  1. Just keeping telling yourself,"I'm on vacation, away from home,having fun." Hope you enjoy your vacation.

  2. Gorgeous pictures. We finally got some much needed rain too. Although we need a lot more rain. Hope you are having a great time on vacation.

  3. sounds like you're making the best of it! my husband's favorite camping trip when he was growing up was the weekend it poured the ENTIRE time and they spent the whole day playing board games in the tent. (He also almost cut his thumb off that day..) Strange what time can do for your memory. :) I'm sure your kids will look back on this vacation as one of the best as well.
    P.S. Send some rain our way!!


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