Thursday, July 19, 2012

Funny Stuff

Yesterday, I stumbled across this beaut on Pinterest...

and laughed my butt off!! That is so me.

Later in the day, I was telling Pal, who is a math wiz, about that ecard. I quoted it, and he was quiet, with a puzzled look and his face. Finally he said, "Huh?"

"EXACTLY!!!! That is EXACTLY my reaction to word problems!!! 'Huh?'"

And then he laughed like crazy!

Finally, someone put to words what happens in my brain when I try to figure out math word problems.


  1. That is my reaction to anything to do with numbers! New follower- great blog!

  2. I saw this a while ago and pinned it because this is SO me. I maintained a B in math in school but I have zero clue how !

  3. This is my favorite one of these EVER. I saw it on Pinterest awhile back & every time i see it, i crack up. I don't do numbers. And this TOTALLY explains where my brain goes when someone starts talking math to me! LOL.


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