Monday, July 16, 2012

We're here!!

Well, we're here!

And there's no wifi, which means that I'm stuck using my Blogger app which sucks more than blogger itself...but HEY! At least it's something!!

We just figured out how to use the coffee pot, thank you google, and now, our day can commence!

Super windy right now, but supposed to be record breaking temps this afternoon, so I s'pose the breeze (read: gale force winds) will feel good!

We arrived last night to a FRIGID cabin and discovered the A/C was set at 60!! Totally thought I was going to start seeing my breath at any second.

We remedied it pretty quickly, but slept amazingly well snuggled under blankets (instead of on top of blankets at our un-airconditioned home!

Currently, I'm sipping a cup of coffee on an easy chair overlooking the lake...this is the life! Kids are watching Scooby Doo and we're planning breakfast in our new pie irons!

We forgot hamburger...good thing is that between Pal and Mr. Wonderful, they'll be going home frequently for baseball, work, and forgotten necessities...this is the up side of a "lo-cation"! ("Local Vacation"!) ;)

No "In the Kitchen with Gram" this week!

A photo of my view...


  1. i am so excited for you to have a time to relax. love that view

  2. Looks nice, have a great time!


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