Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm Wondering...

Who stole my baby boy and replaced him with this:

This...this...young man. This young man whom (who?) I will be bringing to take his driver's permit test tomorrow.

This young man who (whom?) will soon be driving. DRIVING! When just last week, I swear to you, he was still calling me "mama", wearing diapers, and sitting in a high chair.

And now, suddenly, he's going to be able to DRIVE? A car? With a real engine on real roads with other real drivers???

Lord help me. I'm not sure I have the intestinal fortitude to get through this.

Folks, this may be just the time buy stock in Depends. I think I'm gonna need 'em.

( do you teach a kid how to drive?!!?)


  1. It seems like it goes WAAAAAAY too quickly!

  2. I'm fairly certain you let someone else teach them:) But, what do I know, I'm still a mother to toddlers. I'm sure I will blink and be posting this same thing.

  3. It does go way to fast, and I'm sure it was just last week! Good luck with teaching. I remember my mom made my dad teach me!

  4. a good looking young man you have there
    time flies
    thank goodness my 15 year old isnt interested yet

  5. I take my son to the other side of town for his drivers ed class every morning so he's there at 6:30 am....... ad hopefully tonight while the little girl is at Awana's he and I will go driving......

    How many hours do they need by you? her in IL the kids need a permit for 9 months, 50 hours of practice (10 night time) and be 16 to get a license to drive on their own

  6. My siblings and I all started out for the first 5 lessons just sitting in the driver's seat, learning where everything is. Next 5 lessons were practicing going from the brake to the gas, back to the brake (and a few "watch-out's!!" to keep it interesting). And practicing using the blinkers.

    When we finally got to actually turn the car ON and drive...we spent the first 10 lessons driving through a cemetery...low speeds, no other traffic, lots of "intersections". And of course, the lesson of --- drive like an idiot, and you'll end up here with everyone else you killed...

    I'm surprised we all passed our driver's tests and didn't just need therapy!!!

    Good luck!

  7. Time does seem to fly in the lives of little ones.

  8. first bit of advice, DON'T let him drink that Mountain Dew before he takes off....
    good luck.

  9. the answer to your question is very carefully :) hope he doesn't give you any gray hairs durring his lessons! I have taught two girl's how to drive and ugh. Thank. God. I . Don't . Have . Kids! I barley survived teaching my sister and sister in law!!

  10. WHY must they go and grow up? What a handsome young man though. (But seriously, I have met you, I don't think there's any way you could possible have a child that will soon be driving. Just sayin.) :)


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