Thursday, February 17, 2011


To my big boy:

Oh my word. Where did the last 15 years go?

Seems like just last week, I was taking you home...nervous and in disbelief that they were actually entrusting me with your care, I set out to prove to the world that I was going to be a GREAT mom.

(I'd mention here, how you were a terrible breastfeeder for the first two weeks but I was DETERMINED to make it work because, by gum, I was a GREAT mother and I was PROVING it to the world!!!, but I don't want to embarrass you, so I won't mention it.)

(I also won't mention that, once you finally caught on to breastfeeding, you were such an aggressive eater that you would clench your fists up by your face and SWEAT...and be done in 5 minutes flat. You spoiled me. But, I won't mention that, again...embarrassment.)

After being a mighty arguer, you have since tamed it down (*SNAP* goes the rubber band...) and are one amazing teenager.

You have an incredible head on your shoulders (as evidenced by how you handled the recent "text predicament") and you are enjoyable to be around. You can't say that about every teen...but you are wonderful!

We are so proud of you. All of us, me and Mr., your dad and C., we are all so proud of the wonderful kid you are.

I love you more than you'll ever know. I am terrified of you starting to drive...not because I don't think that you'll be good driver, but because it means you are one step closer to "flying the nest".

Pal, will you just live here forever? I can homeschool you for college or something. I don't know if I can handle you moving away!

Thank you, my dear first born, for handling my "novice parenting" like a pro...for being so amazing and smart and funny and good looking.

YOU my dear, will go places (just not too far) and I will be cheering you on the whole way.

I love you, kiddo,
Your Mama


  1. Love this! I posted about about my oldest recently too. He is a good kid....good job mom!

    that is all

  2. Awh, so sweet. Happy Birthday, Pal!

  3. You have such a way with words! That was lovely! And it's obvious that you really are a GREAT mom!
    Thinking of your family often, Mama M. ((hugs))

  4. Talk about sensitive-I'm crying now! I love that post.

  5. happy 15th to your son
    I have a 15 year old too he LOVES the fact that he towers over me in height

  6. That is so sweet! I cannot believe you have a 15 year old!!! Happy Birthday to your not-so-little man! ;-)

  7. So sweet!

    But you don't look near old enough to have a 15 year old! Craziness!

  8. so sweet!! happy birthday to him. you don't look like you could have a 15 year old!

  9. Happy birthday Pal. OMG, I can't believe in his happy bday post you reminisced about breastfeeding. LOL

  10. What a handsome guy and a sweet post!!

  11. What an awesome tribute to a wonderful child!

  12. Just got the link to your blog from C. - you are so amazing! I love your energy and committment! I especially love all of the posts about the PAL - I truely fell in love with him even before falling in love with his Godfather!! I was so proud of him at the game on Friday - I had chills all day after seeing him score that goal!!


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