Monday, October 29, 2012


Big fat smiley face.

What a week it's been! The Mr.'s brother and his family arrived on Wednesday, I worked Thursday and Friday and welcomed a new nephew, Saturday we tested sound, met for final 50th Anniversary plans and had a huge family get together and then yesterday was the big day.

Up at 7:30, everyone primped and prettied, to church for photos, mass, straight to ballroom to get set up for guest photos and then we could play!

We did this:

For every guest that came in, then had them sign the guest book which was a photo album with space for writing next to each photo! So the guests photo will go next to their signature!

Then, my talented sister-in-law taught the grandchildren a cute little in-laws were married in Hawaii while my father-in-law was stationed there for the Navy.

Check it the 0:27 mark, it's rather cute!

You're smiling now, too, aren't you? :)


  1. LOVE it!! How did you SIL find the time to teach all those little ones the dance? Especially those really little ones?! They were all doing such a great job!

  2. You all look fab, I love the girls dresses - so pretty.
    I love that Hula song - Lilo & Stitch is one of my favourite Disney's. They did a great job. I want a wedding party/anniversary like that!

  3. You have the cutest family. I mean, seriously! :)

  4. Awwww, how absolutely precious is that!!

  5. is that your oldest in the back dancing too? what a good sport.


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