Sunday, September 9, 2012

Real Time...

Having just (finally!!) updated Five Question Friday to include my favorite condiment, I am sitting here, with wet hair because I took a shower at 11 pm at night.

We had two days of fall weather. High 60's, low 70's breezy and full of sunshine and I'm looking at the forecast and seeing mid to upper 80's for the next two days. Boo. I am so ready for long sleeves, jeans, and these Frye riding boots. Small problem though. I don't own those boots. 

I see a new "save up for" goal in my future!

This evening I went to my in-laws to take some photos of them for their 50th wedding anniversary. They have quite the story to the beginning of their relationship...met, engaged within a couple of weeks and married within a few months. 

My SIL had the idea to interview them, and their siblings, on the beginning of their relationship (and the longevity of it) and I was watching the "footage" of my BIL interviewing them, one at a time, and LOVED that we did this! I actually popped some popcorn and felt like I was watching a movie!

Note to everyone out there...interview your parents. Not only will you have footage talking about their life, you will have them on record, forever. You'll forever be able to hear their voice and laughter.

It was so wonderful!

Now...editing. Ugh. Two hours ++(not including sibling interviews) worth of video condensed into a 10-15 minute time slot. Wish me luck.

Tomorrow (or, for most of you, today) Gram and I are doing her version of carrot cake! A birthday party for Hambone on Tuesday, a conference on Thursday that I'm heading down to on Wednesday night, NOTHING Friday, and a family wedding ~3 hours away (overnight, again) on Saturday.

Sigh. Gonna be a busy week.



  1. You do video editing? I do as well. When I was 19 I ran around with a video camera at my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary and then about 3 years later I finally got around to editing it all together. It was very fun to go back and see all of it!

  2. Those boots only go up to size 10. My size 11 feet are feeling very left out of this wonderfullness. :(


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