Thursday, September 27, 2012

Petri Dish

It was inevitable, right? With kids being steeped in the proverbial "petri dish" combination of oodles of kids in the close confines of school hallways and classrooms, that eventually, one of my kids was bound to get sick?


Exactly...and so, today, I have my Belle home with me and Baby Girl. She's been battling a sore throat, woke up today with a headache that progressed to barfiness.

I think the throwing up may have been related to an ibuprofen in an empty tummy...but, school policy says no attendance within 24 hours of puking. So, low and behold, she actually feels much better and BONUS!! I get an extra day with her!

We're watching a screening of a new movie (cute!) and still snuggled in bed in our jammies. Kind of a perfect day, in my opinion!

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