Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Declare War

Tonight, I declared war.

On our resident fruit flies, that is.

Dagnabit, those things are a PAIN!!! 

I washed and scrubbed and tossed and wiped and put away and chemical'ed the heck out of our sinks. Did you know that Windex will kill just about any small bug? Google told me so.

(Is it bad that I get pleasure out of watching those dang teeny flies suffer? Does that mean I'm on the fast track to becoming a serial killer? You know the whole, "torturing small animals" thing?)

Also, did you know that you should put ice in your drains at night? Fruit flies thrive (and by "thrive" I mean "breed" and by "breed" I mean the fruit flies do the humpty dance in your drains) in warm, moist areas...and as I'm sure you know, ice ain't warm.

As I'm writing this, I realized I forgot to wash our dish towels. Shoot. And I was so pleased with myself for finally climbing into bed...


  1. apple cider vinegar will get rid of them! just stick a jar of it out, make a funnel with paper so they can't get back out once they get in and you're golden.

    going to put ice in my drains now...

  2. We have those little bastards too.

    Oh yeah, I said bastards.

    Put some wine in a bowl (yes, it will hurt, but trust me here) and then
    put a piece of fruit in it - I've found bananas work best which is what I'm convinced brings these bastards to life - then put Saran wrap tightly over the top and poke it a couple of times with a fork. They fly in but are too dumb to fly out & they're trapped. The fruit will rot overnight but that just attracts them even more. You'll see an improvement fairly quickly.

    May the odds be ever in your favour.

    1. Dangit!! I meant to put that last line in my post!!!! Great minds. We've got the vinegar death traps out, too. Little bastards is right. Where on earth do they COME FROM?! Is the bananas? If that's the case...DEATH TO BANANAS!

    2. They come from any fruit. If you happen to see fruit flies at your grocery store don't buy fruit from there at that time because you will likely bring them home. Vinegar traps with 1/2 vinegar, 1/2 water and dab of soap in a dish with saran wrap with holes poked in it did the trick for us. I couldn't believe how many of the little buggers we caught each night like that!

  3. the rotting banana really works! We trapped/killed many that way. We actually brought some home from our grocery store's bakery bread... which happens to be right next to the fruit!

  4. Huh! I didn't know about the ice idea! Thanks for sharing that :) I had fruit flies in the house once, oh my gosh, what a pain they are! And yuck!

  5. We get them occasionally and I just run some hot water & a little bit of bleach down our drains/in the disposal.

  6. Those stupid pesky things! They have in our bathroom too! I've cleaned, looked everywhere, moved things. Blast those things. Yuk! I'm going to try the ice though! Thats a good idea!

    Do you just set vinegar out in a bowl or cup?

  7. i mix apple cider vinegar with dish soap and set it out. the best part about it is if anyone comes over they think I have cups of sweat tea setting in weird places

  8. Thank you thank you thank you! We had a bad outbreak of them recently after I forgot about some bananas I threw away! There were literally SWARMS of them! We have been scrubbing and have put up several fly strips but there are still a couple. I will have to try the ice thing as well!


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