Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Life's Little Surprises

So, remember the whole "faux floor" debacle?

The one in which I fretted and thought and hmmmm'd and haaaaa'd and peeked in and checked and rechecked and pondered and considered and then decided that I needed to just go for it and then POOF! it was discontinued?


Just guess.

I'll sit here and wait, while you guess.

*strumming fingers*

*whistling the Jeopardy tune*

If you guessed that it's mine...ALL MINE!!!!! are totally correct!


So, yeah...I'm a teeny bit excited for it. Received confirmation today that it has been shipped! B&H always impresses me with their super speedy shipping turn the Jimmy John's of the audio/visual world.

Freaky fast.

I do, however, have to wait until September 10th before I can force one of my kids to sit on it and demand that they smile pretty for me.

Good things really DO come to those who wait!

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