Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Results Are In!!

Well, kinda, the results are in. I'm just too lazy right now to tally them up "officially".

Wow...I've gotta say, you guys are the best! You made me feel so good with your comments...let me just put this out there...the photos must be deceiving! Don't let them fool you into thinking that I look like a million bucks in real life, 'cuz I don't.

In fact, if you saw me naked, chances are you'd throw up in your mouth a little. Clothes hide a lot, and the right clothes hide a lot, a lot!! ;), the popular vote was (unofficially):

With this a very close (unofficial) second:

Coming in dead last by a long shot:

And, here's what I'm wearing:

I agreed with everyone that the dress was definitely more "wedding" apparel...but, here's the catch...I am the "candid photographer" for the wedding, which, I imagine, will involve much squatting and, possibly, being in other unlady-like positions.

Also, the dress was about $110 bucks...the two shirts, together, were just over $50. So, I could keep both shirts and STILL be ahead of the game, monetarily!

To top it off, a couple of people mentioned that wearing red to a wedding is bad luck for the bride...and I certainly don't want THAT on my conscience!

What's funny, is that I had sorta made up my mind, before the post, that I was gonna wear the funky shirt...then, when y'all overwhelming liked the other shirt best, I changed my mind!

Thank you! Thank you all for your votes and comments and compliments. You da bestest!!


  1. I do believe I said RED DRESS.

  2. Where did you get the shirt you will be wearing? Love it!!

  3. Yay! My vote counted! Have fun at the wedding, I'm sure you'll be the most comfy in what you (we?) decided.

  4. I completely forgot you're the candid photographer. Great choice! Love it (in my best Wheezey voice.)

  5. Yay! You look great in it! & if i knew you were taking lots of pics at the wedding, i wouldn't have suggested a dress! You look fabulous! And you are so silly! The right clothes can only hide SO MUCH!!! I bet your husband would beg to differ about you w/o clothes on! Haha. If i did what you just did (pics of me in those outfits), i would be told to forget about it!

  6. Love that shirt!!!

  7. I do like that top...have fun at the wedding! :)

  8. Good pick. Share some of your shots with us when you get a chance!

  9. Good choice...but I do believe you forgot to tell us about being the candid photographer! That would have changed my vote totally! :-)

  10. You are one hot momma! Even if you don't say it! Rock that shirt girl! Have fun!


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