Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mouse Wars...The Sequel...

Round Two:

One night last week, the Mr. and I were doing responsible marriage stuff in the kitchen. (STOP IT!! Not that...we were paying bills, if you must know. And by "paying bills" I mean "paying bills"...that's not code for something else. You know, like how "playing Scrabble" or "shakin' hands" is code for that.)

We kept hearing this scritchy scratching business coming from the stove. So, we investigated: (*snicker* I lovethis stuff...)

I stocked up on sticky traps, we baited them (a teeny tiny smidge of peanut butter on the edge) set them out according to the blue print plan we had drawn up to annihilate these little suckers, and we went to bed.

And when we woke up?!


Traps were MIA, again. BUT!! But, I was wiser this we immediately looked under the couch, and sho' nuff. There they were...those two, YES, TWO!!, traps were stuck to the bottom of the couch...sans mouse.

This means war.


This saga, it is not over...

Stay tuned.


  1. Maybe it's no mouse you have, but a larger, more cunning RAT! Or a BEAVER! (That's not code for anything either.) Can't wait to see how this plays out. I hate rodents with a passion.

  2. OMG those little JERKS! Those snap traps are brutal! I lived in a cabin in the mountains for a summer and there was like, a MILLION mice there. I was known as the mouse slayer at the camp because I would load those traps and slowly slide them under stuff. We'd hear the snaps in the middle of the night (so gross!), make the guys throw the dead mice out and re-load the traps every night. It was NASTY.

  3. That is the exact kind of trap we use, the one with the cheese look. I always add a little bit of peanut butter on it and it gets them every time! Good luck! Don't you hate hearing that scratchy noise, freaks me out, especially when I'm alone!! Sounds like you've got a tough mouse there!

  4. We had one in our van. Found out because of droppings that were left, and that was gross. So i used a trap like the one you have in your first picture and the damn thing didn't go off, neither of them. Lil sucker just took the cheese and ran.

    Then we got a live trap, with in 3 hours we had it trapped. Disposed of it in a dumpster away from the house/garage and were good to go.

  5. promise me you won't post pictures of the dead mice in the traps. please, my stomach thanks you

  6. I have to say it I officially love you know that I know two things
    one you are willing to show us under your stove
    two that you are willing to scare your husband and post it on your blog

  7. Good Stuff - I thought I was watching my hubby for a minute there - I'm still going with LIVE traps -

  8. OMG!!! We had an episode with mice at one of our previous houses. The biggest thing is find out where they are coming in from or it will keep up. When we had cableman run a cable thru garage, he made the hole bigger than necessary and guess they came in around it. Fill with steel wool and then when you finally get rid of them in the house, no more. They reproduce faster than rabbits!! My daughter didn't want us to kill and so we got the sticky one, then when it was caught, you could hear it squeal. She freaked out and was like "KILL IT, KILL IT" You are braver than I.


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