Monday, October 4, 2010

Auto Correct, it ain't all it's cracked up to be.

I'm a Twitter addict.

It's the last thing I do before I go to bed (most nights, *wink wink*) and one of the first things I do in the morning. And, it's all thanks to my iPhone...oh, and TweetDeck, too.

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They make it too easy, iPhones and TweetDeck do. It's so available, so at my fingertips.

But, see...the thing with iPhones...or, heck, ANY smart phone, is that they autocorrect. I'll mean to type "hell" and it'll autocorrect to "he'll"...maybe smart phones don't like bad words (I wonder what it would do for the "f" word...hold please, now I'm intrigued...okay, back now. So, apparetnly, smart phones don't mind the "f" word, but don't like "hell". Noted.).

Just the other day, I was sending my husband a text...curious as to the status of our offspring...I typed, "Did you pick up the kids yet?", only I obviously misspelled something and what was displayed was "Did you pick up the LSD yet?"


Worst autocorrect ever. I'm sure of it. I'm curious. Have YOU had any incredibly incorrect autocorrects?

Smart phones...sometimes they just ain't that smart.

(P.S-Dear Twitter Followers: Sorry for the three-peated story...I just had to share it...again!)


  1. This really made me laugh! My auto correct corrects my sister katey's name to latex... too funny!

  2. I was sending a text to a friend & some how got the word "tubby" in there....

  3. I was texting my sister and thought I put "Forget it, I forgot ur at Suzanna's". BUT it read "Forget it I forgot ur at disabuse"! ha

  4. Hilarious! For never failing to make us laugh, I nominated you for a lovely blog award here:

  5. The worst would be when I was texting my mom and hubby and friends about my little girl Madison's bday. Somehow six turned to sex. I will never understand that one.


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