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Fun stuff!

My Uggs are back!!!

Remember? I returned them?

They're mine again!!

Well...before Christmas, my mama had actually found them cheaper on-line, and ordered them, fully intending for me to return the originals and save a little cashola (who can blame her?!!)...

Turns out, the Uggs came from China.

And, it's a long way from China to MinneSOOOOta...unless, of course, if you take the short cut and dig through the center of the Earth to China...although, come to think of it...that would take a long time too...

Well, anyway...said adorable, cute Uggs didn't arrive until wellllll after Christmas...and, I had already (painfully) returned my "oringinal" Uggs and exchanged them (which, btw...LOVE my practical shoes...they're great for shopping...for things like Uggs...).

So, Saturday, we're celebrating my birthday (which is to-MORROW!! *said with your best sing songy voice*), I'm opening my presents...and the last present I open?

My Uggs!! Again!!

Yay!!!! Mama's got herself practical shoes and Uggs!

(P.S--major digression here...who out there still gets to celebrate birthday parties thrown by their parents, replete with supper, cake and gifts? Mr. Wonderful and Tara think my family is nuts. I think we're entirely normal and they are the weirdos. What says you?)

I also scored some majorly cute spring clothes...and I am now so eagerly anticipating Spring I can almost taste it.

Or smell it.

Ahhhhhh...doesn't Spring smell so good?

Yes, indeed...I am soooooo eager for Spring!


In other news...there's fun stuff headed your way! I've got some good times planned for you right here!

I'll announce my plans tonight...

But first...this:

I wanna give you a heads up!

Per Christine's suggestion...I'm gonna host a "Birth Story Blog Hop" tomorrow!

In celebration of "The Day my Birthday got Stolen", I'd love to hear all about your birthstories!

I love ''s in my blood, I think...but I LOVE hearing about people's labor and delivery stories!

I know this has been done in the it's not an entirely original idea, but it's a fun one, nonetheless! So, come on by tomorrow, and link up!

Looking forward to reading all about you and your birthstories!

Thanks for the inspiration, Christine!

(And, ps...if you have an "old" birthstory post...that's okay too...go ahead, dig into your archives and link it up!)

Later friends!


  1. Fun! I'll have to work on my birth stories tonight.

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! I can almost taste Minnesota spring through the snow that's falling. ug!:)

  3. Happy Birthday! :-)

    Good to know that you do the birthstory thing tomorrow. So I can type mine tonight unhurriedly... Great idea btw.

  4. Oh, thank you! I am preggers for the first time. I ADORE reading birth stories. Even the nasty ones that make me cringe. =)

    My parents do birthday parties, cake and ice cream for me, my adult brother and my husband. Not a single weird thing about that at all. Anyone who doesn't celebrate is a little weird, if you ask me!

  5. Happy Birthday!

    I too am one who still gets my birthday celebrated with supper, my fave cake, and gifts with/at my parents.

  6. Happy Birthday!! I think its awesome you still get a party like that!! I am going to do that for my kids!!

    And I think the birth story thingy is a great idea! Now to pick a kid?

    I NEED me some spring too! Actually summer- I need to feel the heat!

  7. I LOVE those Uggs!!! Seriously...LOVE THEM!!! I had a SUPER hard time deciding on which ones I should get, but I ended up with the sweater argyle ones. However, I'm starting to wish I would've gotten a pair like you!!

    Enjoy your warm and comfy-cozy feet!! There's nothing better than wearing "slippers" on your feet!!

    Oh, and I also LOVE the fact that you get to have parties with your parents!! That's totally AWESOME!

  8. Wiping tears from eyes...I love a good ending to a shoe story.

    Happy Birthday. I'm glad your shoes are home safe where they belong.

  9. Haha about the Uggs. Aren't moms great?

    My mom still throws me a birthday party, complete with cake, ice cream, and gifts, at their house every year, too, and I love it! :)

    I'll have to see if I can dig up my birth stories for tomorrow. Great idea!

  10. im so jealous you have those uggs! i've been wanting as soon as i saw them in the victoria secret catalogue! hope you enjoy them!

    p.s. i've been thinking about applying for nursing school so i can become a labor and delivery nurse! i'm stressed about it though b/c i can't decide!

  11. I'm trying to save money but now that I've seen those Uggs...I'm going to have to buy them. How awesome are THEY?

  12. I wish my parents celebrated my birthday & gave me must be spoiled rotten!!!! :)
    I'll have to start typing up Caleb's birth story....his is probably the most interesting!

  13. Happy Birthday & YAY!!! for new Uggs!

  14. Happy Birthday! (oops late!) Given I had a root canal today (ouchy) I hope I am in shape later to write one of my birthing stories... (mind you women won't want to have babies if I do!) and I LOVE your love story Linky Ideas! I love a good love story! ;)
    alright... mrs. achy tooth must go lay down so I can write a birth story blog later... Hope you are still smiling from a fun birthday!~
    Jenn~ (still a baby blogger with much to learn~! good thing I have awesome blogging ladies to learn from!)

  15. Happy Birthday!
    I'm glad you got those Uggs back! They are cute!

  16. I think it's awesome that you still get parties. SO wish I did!

  17. How embarrassing! I have been making a major rookie mistake! Leaving comments all over blogland with a link back to a blog I don't use!! oops! Now I am humbly retracing my steps and um... correcting my technical error!
    I have a blogspot url - but I don't use it.. however Google Account sends ya all there when I comment! My "Real" blog is at ;) oops! Sorry to mislead!

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