Wednesday, May 27, 2009


What's a "Yuckit", you ask? Well, I'm so glad you did! A "Yuckit" is not so much noun as it is see, I "Yuckit" when I see something disgusting (be it a skink or someother creepy crawly). And I must confess. It was not I that came up with this cute little, not so. It would be my eccentric Literary professor of an uncle (is it a requirement that professors are eccentric? Is it a product of their education, this eccentric-y-ness of theirs? I digress...)--he was showing the Littles a real live cicada, as I was crouched behind a tree nearby, hoping, hoping, that my children don't touch that disgusting beast (ugh, I'm even more grossed out by what I just saw on that link).
When I dared come out from my hiding place (I realized that I was bigger that it) and got a closer look, I said "Yuck."
To which my uncle exclaimed, "Don't yuck it!", and hence, a phrase was born.
In my defense, that darn cicada deserves a resounding "yuckit"!
So, the next time you see something deserving of a "yuckit", say it loud and say it proud:



  1. I loveit... Love it! What a great word! Yuckit!

  2. lol i think thats the same as our "KAAKAAA" Here! LOl although a Yuckit sounds a little less like a baby's diaper than kaakaa! LOL


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