Sunday, May 3, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Oooooh, Boy!! Here it is, my first "Not Me! Monday". I have been looking forward to this, ever since I started following MckMama's blog!

I wasn't only praying for Stellan to get well so he could go home...I was anxiously awaiting MckMama's return to "Not Me! Monday"! (I never imagine "Not Me! Monday" said with the crazy announcer voice from Monster truck rallies..."Monster! Monster! Monster!", uh, uh Not Me!)

Today, at Sam's Club, when my tiny girl barfed all over the cart, floor, groceries, herself, my purse, etc. I didn't consider running off and pretending I wasn't that mom. No way, Not Me! And, after same said incident, I didn't (and this is REALLY mean) not tell the check out boy about the previously barfed on groceries he was handling. He was not the friendliest cashier on earth, so I didn't consciously accidentally forgot to tell him. Nope! Not Me!

We enjoyed our Godson's First Communion yesterday (Yes Me!), and we got home very late (think 1 am). So, when tiny girl woke up early, then fell asleep in bed with me, I did not, and I repeat did not snuggle with her until 10:45. And waste half the day?! Not Me!

I and my gaggle of small children were enjoying the late morning transplanting our spindly squash and pumpkins (I would never be so un-green thumbish as to not give them enough sunlight...Not Me!). Things were going great and everyone was fighting to see who could get their cup filled the fastest getting along sooo fantastically, that I didn't lose my temper and scold them, "This is not a race!". I never lose my temper. Ever.

No way, Not Me!

Oh, and back to MckMama I'm sure you've never heard of her I don't check her blog like a lunatic fanatic or anything. No way! I am much more normal than that, in fact, who would ever think about waking up in the morning and checking MckMama's blog before even feeding her kids breakfast? Certainly Not Me!

Wow! That was fun! I feel so much better now (especially about the Sam's Club thing!) that I know how to strike things out! Thanks!


  1. Congrats on your very first Not me! Great job. And for the record, it was not me yesterday in the dollar store with a barfing kid either! LOL

  2. I laughed the hardest at the lunatic fanatic - that's FUNNY! and ummm, me neither!

  3. Oh my. I CERTAINLY can't imagine any kind of mother who would check Mckmama's blog before feeding her kids in the morning. No ma'am. Not Me, either! *wink*

  4. Nope no one continuously checking in on MckMama's blog over here either ;-) And I posted my very first Not Me Monday today, too!

    Blessings~ Heather at

  5. Wow, you are good for a first timer! CONGRATS on being #3!! Awesome post. See you next week :)

  6. WoW...IMPRESSED with your NMM as you are a first timer! I totally laughed out loud about your daughter at Sams...too funny! Happy Monday!

  7. Your first NMM post was fantastic. Had me laughing out loud, and completely relating.

    Great Job!
    Happy Monday

    Brandy in Pittsburgh :)

  8. Oh no, so sorry about the grocery store experience. That poor cashier... ; )

  9. Welcome to the Not me club!!! Very job well done for your first one! God Bless!

  10. Too funny! Your Sam's Club story has me cracking up!!

  11. I'm with the commentor above... I most certainly do not know a mother who would check McKMama's blog before feeding children... *wink wink*


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