Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Swing batta, batta!

We had a fabulous time this past weekend, enjoying our first U13 traveling baseball tournament of the year! I guess I could've thought of more glamorous ways to spend my Mother's Day, but without my kiddos (especially this one, who first made me a mother!) I wouldn't be celebrating Mom's Day!
My retirement plan:
Guess they lifted the "Swine Flu No Handshaking Ban"!
First place!!!An added bonus to the b-ball filled weekend, a hotel room stay! Tiny girl got her first hotel experience and dove right in, which won't surprise any who know her! She, of course, headed straight to the bathroom, where she proceeded to unroll the toilet paper--I didn't catch on until she came out with a ribbon of TP trailing her (I was enjoying the benefits of WiFi!!).

Little stink...always has to be climbing!The fam enjoying the 'telly', we don't have such luxuries at home! They lapped it up, got in as much TV time as they could...who am I kidding? So did I! Ace of Cakes, Iron Chef America, a Twins game...too bad Jon and Kate or What Not to Wear wasn't on. Oh, did I say we were in town for a baseball tournament? Nah, that was just our cover!

And what a fabulous surprise! The boys' were given roses for their mamas...and to top it off, I got Chipotle and a Caribou gift card! Ahhhh, couldn't have asked for anything better! Well, maybe, perhaps, a spa day...but I won't mention that!

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  1. Aweee what a fabulous time! My 3 year old did that the first time she stayed at a hotel to! LOL She also mastered those doors that dont turn but flip down and proceeded to do it to the tp every time our back was turned! LOL

    Your kids are beautiful! May I ask how many of each and their ages? :)


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