Thursday, May 28, 2009


All my life I have been terrible at decision making..."pink shoes or yellow? hair up or down? corn and tomato salsa on my burrito?" see, I can just imagine how good both options can be. I've never been a glass half empty or half full kind of person either, afterall, doesn't it matter whether you've just filled the cup or emptied it?

So my latest issue is this whole technology bit, texting (I don't), blogging (I do), Twitter (just started), Facebook (for awhile) and how connected I want to be...or would it be disconnected? I'm loving the whole blog routine, hoping this isn't just a "honeymoon" phase, 'cuz I enjoy posting, stimulating my brain to be creative, witty, 'real'. Jury's still out on Twitter, loving Facebook, and questioning if I would like texting. I am a verbal person, I am a "warm fuzzy"...I love people, I love helping people, I love connecting with people and I think texting "cheapens" that...makes it, generic, if you will. If I start texting, will I become disconnected? I'm afraid for this "up coming" generation (I'm Generation X, is this Generation Text?) and the communication skills they will lack. Yet, with all of that, texting intrigues me, maybe even entices me a little.

And, hence, the I or don't I? Tech-no, or tech-yes?

And, if I do...what kind of a phone do I get? (oh, crap, another decision...)


  1. lol i'm with you.... although i personally think i spend enough time on "here" blogging, working, and doing all the things that keep me busy to buy a phone to keep me texting and twittering.... I look at that as my time with the girls (personally.. not judging those that do those things) and dont want one more thing taking time away from my kids... I'm not disciplined enough to keep everything in moderation! ;) You bring up great points ;) Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Texting is great for me (when I really don't want to talk but HAVE to) It's an easy way to make up when my husband and I fuss...I'm not great at saying I'm sorry so it's easier to text it but other than that, I like the old fashion talking on the phone :)

  3. Shoes--yellow was a good choice!
    Hair--wear it down, such a cute cut!
    salsa--always both! :)
    get off the fence and get the iphone already :)
    or .. wait and think about it for another 3 weeks asking me every 3 days if i still love mine :) Either way, you're lovable as indecisive you! (see, you can be warm & fuzzy online!)

  4. I blog, I don't do Facebook, I can text but I don't have it on my phone, I twitter, but only to dd in NYC... out of it all I love to blog...

    I am getting an Ipod Touch soon.. and I am sure I will become addicted to that! I love all the technology!


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