Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Well then...

Well now, look at me, rocking my "blog everyday" resolution. Why do I set such lofty goals?! Ugh. Also: this is why I never choose "working out" as my resolution...because 37 seconds into it I'd be all, "nah...too much work, please pass the chips."

In my defense, life is INSANE right now...insane with a dose of PMS to top it off. So yes, you SHOULD feel sorry for my husband right now. And my kids. And my co-workers. And pretty much anyone that looks at me or crosses my path or BREATHES THE SAME DAMN AIR AS ME.

Because it sucks to be them.

During our event meeting tonight I realized that the big day is next Friday. Ahem. Did you hear that? NEXT Friday! I just lost a week of my life and suddenly OH MY GOSH everything has suddenly become super urgent. Urgent as in, it should've been done last week.

Interesting tidbit: we suddenly have more empty bottles of wine in our recycling than usual.

Don't get me wrong, though...I enjoy organizing this event and I'm extremely passionate about it, but man alive. These last weeks of planning are taxing. My mind doesn't shut off and the last minute details are suffocating. But it is worth it...it truly is...and the bonus is that I get to spend a lot of time with some pretty incredible and equally passionate women.

The next 10 days are going to speed by and before I know it the night will be here and over...it's like a wedding. Or Christmas. So much planning and preparation and it's over before you knew what hit ya.

But you know what just hit me? Overwhelming fatigue...to bed I go.

See you tomorrow (I think...),

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