Wednesday, January 18, 2017

High Maintenance? Perhaps...

I've been searching for a pair of navy blue flats...I've had my eye on Lucky Emmies, because: Tieks, gah. I can't bring myself to spend that much $$ on a pair of dang flats! Boots? Maybe...but flats? Heck to the no.

So, I decided to just go ahead and order the Emmies online last week, only, if I spent a little more money I got free shipping so WHY NOT TWO EMMIES?! Yes, I'm glad you agree.

Let me tell you an interesting (some might say, "high maintenance") fact about myself. I love...I ADORE...ordering shoes online and you wanna know why? Because 99.9% of the time they arrive in pristine and pure form and have never, ever touched the foot of another human being. It's like some soul satisfying thing for me to slip my foot into a shoe that no one else's stinky foot has ever touched. (I know, I poor husband has to put up with me. Poor guy.)

Back to my, my navy ones arrive and just like always, I sighed a sigh of utter contentment when I opened the box and pulled out the perfect packaging and slipped that shoe on like Post-ball Cinderella. Complete and utter delight.

Then second pair of shoes was waiting on my door step when I got home. A welcome treat after a trying week. I opened them up and my senses were on high alert when I saw no special packaging (no shoe formers or tissue paper or any of that stuff). Hmmmmm...a bit sketchy. Then, I took out a shoe and saw the bottom was slightly scuffed but then...BUT THEN??? 

Oh, the horrors.

Scuffed leather. As in: SOMEONE NOT ONLY TRIED THEM ON BUT WORE THEM OUT OF THE HOUSE!! And, you could even see toe indents in the inside of the shoe. Ew.

I couldn't even bring myself to try them on.

We'll just call them my "free shipping shoes"...thankfully there is a brick and mortar store nearby where I can return them.

(But for real...where is the quality control here, people?!)

See you tomorrow,

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