Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Day 3

Happy Mondaytuesday, my friends!

Mondaytuesdays really aren't that great, are they? I mean, I guess in the big picture it means you don't have a MONDAY Monday, but still. Blech. Tossed right back into reality after a glorious Christmas break.

I've been thinking a lot lately...am I the only one that feels slightly conflicted emotions at the start of a new year? I'm equal parts excited to see what the year holds and terrified. I don't always remember being fearful of a new year and I think I can trace that feeling back to when my brother-in-law died. It really brought to light how fleeting time is and how so much can change in a split second...then, when you think about how many "split seconds" there are in a year?

Well, that grips my heart with fear.

And so, I pray.

I pray that God protects us from harm. I pray we all have good health. And I pray that my heart can be at peace. That I can live in the moment and appreciate all the good and the fun and the wonderful that happens right in front of me and not worry about all those "split seconds" that are lined up before me.

I've also found that I've wasted a lot of those split seconds by having my face in my phone much more than my children deserve. They deserve me and my attention and while, sure, I could argue that I "deserve" some "me time" the fact remains that I am a mom and when you become a mom "me time" takes a back seat to everything else. I won't try to pull the wool over your eyes and lead you to believe that I have suddenly become a 100% engaged mama, but I will tell you it is a conscious effort for me to put down my phone...and I think I'm doing a decent job of it.

I think.

Recently, over Christmas break, I was talking with my big boy (half jokingly) about when 12 step programs would start for those addicted to their mobile devices...he's pretty sure they probably already do exist and by golly, how many of us do you think could qualify for THAT program?

*Raises hand*

So, my friends, let us be all in...let us appreciate every single one of those "split seconds" for the joy they have to offer us. #dropthephonemama

See you tomorrow,

(Funny...I thought this post would be more about the fear I feel at the start of the new year...and instead it became a bit of a confessional! You never know where a blog post will take you...)

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