Sunday, January 1, 2017

Resolutions, Take 1

Happy New Year!

As I was contemplating the New Year, you know, resolutions and such, and deciding I wasn't really much of a resolution setter, it dawned on me that I have a great resolution to make. One that I might (possibly) be able to stick to...get back to writing.

On this blog.

Yes, my friends, my 2017 New Year's Resolution is to blog...every day. Seeing as how it is 11:14pm on January 1st and I am just now getting to my blog post, this appears as though it may be a more difficult challenge that I initially thought, but I'm gonna try my dardest!

You may hear mundane things, you may hear controversial things, funny things and sad things, meandering thoughts and useless information, but blog I will! Mostly, because I truly miss writing and this was my "outlet" for so long. Perhaps one of my 2017 posts will take a look at the things that happened that caused my little corner of the web to become a dust bunny collecting space of emptiness...perhaps. Only time will tell!

For now, I close with warm wishes for a healthy, safe, and memory making 2017 for you and yours!

See you tomorrow,


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  1. Welcome back. Will you be hosting 5 question Fridays again?


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