Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Feeling Cheated...

It's always this time of year that makes me realize how stinking fast our kids grow up. One day you're changing diapers and wiping boogers and the next you're sending them off to Kindergarten...(or paying for college application fees...gah.).

You all know how I feel about about sending my kids to school and that I'd jump all over a half-day/part-time option...but something else has been nagging at me.

I feel like I'm being cheated out of 6 months with my baby girl. The three middles have birthdays that allowed me to send them to school closer to (or just over, in Hambone's case, what with his August birthday) 6 years old. With Pal, I didn't yet have the experience I do now to realize the luxury of keeping a kiddo home until they're almost 6...the three middles gave me the opportunity to experience that extra time.

And I'm not going to get that with my baby. It kind of breaks my heart a little...knowing that, when I send her out the door that September morning, she's one step closer to life on her own. I know I could still opt to keep her home (heck, I could keep them all home and jump feet first into homeschooling...which, with a "near miss" school shooting just behind us, kinda sounds like a good option) but then she'd end up being "that kid" who's a year and a half older than some of her classmates...and I don't want to set her up for any sort of opportunity for ostracism. Kids have it tough enough the way it is. 

(Which reminds me of a conversation I overheard at summer activities...a mom was telling someone how her son, who had just turned five, was "so excited" about learning that she "couldn't" keep him home from school and she knows he's young but if he has to repeat Kindergarten "oh well". Sure, well-educated mom, in your adult life repeating K seems like no big deal, but guess what? Kids are mean. They pick up on that stuff...even I still remember the kids that had to repeat a grade level. And...AND, dear sweet "he's just so excited" mother??? What about the other kids in that class? Those who are emotionally, behaviorally, AND academically ready for K? Now your child who is being sent to K solely based on the fact that he is "excited" is likely taking time away from the others. Food for thought. I digress...)

I guess I just wish she had a fall or summer birthday. A "good" excuse for me to keep her a little closer for another year. 

Our time with our kids is so limited. I cherish and appreciate and covet that time and its hurting my heart to be "cheated" out of 6 months with my baby.

Excuse me now, while I go grab some tissues...(don't EVEN get me started about Pal and college applications...)


  1. *hugs* I will be returning to work when my baby is 18 months old and that knowledge is killing me. Even if my mom helps to home school, which I've considered as she is a retired teacher and good at her work... I would still be in the work force. I hate the idea of not having more time with my son.

  2. LOL... this has nothing to do with your post but I posted this picture of my son the other day and kept thinking it looked familiar. I just realized that it reminds me of your picture of Hambone! Not exactly the same but similar. You can check it out if you want. I didn't pose him, it's just how it is. :)


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